Curly Crafty Mom: 2013 Goals

Friday, January 4, 2013

2013 Goals

1. Running Goals:
- Run Go! Half Marathon this April and Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October.
- Run a 10K and a few 5K's (Color Run, Tulip Trot, Make Tracks at the Zoo, Oktoberfest, Go! Halloween (10K)).
- 2:20 or below Half Marathon PR. Killed this with a PR at Rock N Roll Half at 2:09:19!!!!
- 27 or below 5K PR. or just a 5K PR in general. PR'ed at Oktoberfest 5K at 27:00!!

2. Other Work Out Goals:
- Weights DVD 1-2x a week. I did really good with this at the beginning of the year, then stopped! And, I really need to tone up my upper body!
- Look into a kettle bell DVD Need to be more regular with working out to it, tho!
- Check out the Pilates gym (Keep saying I will, haven't yet! Now I really want to try a Barre Gym)

3. Religious Goals:
- Pray more. Pray more with kids. I need to work on daily prayers still!
- Take a bible study class at our church. Haven't had time to do this, I am reading Jesus Calling, a devotional book. I do plan to do an online bible study in 2014.

4. Make blog books:
- 2012 (Work on January-March)
- 2011 (Work on April-June)
- 2010 (Work on July-September)
- 2009 (Work on October-December)


5. Figure out how I would like to continue my blog Had Smitten Design create a new blog design, more DIY, Fashion, etc.

6. Career Growth

7. Get into a TV show (I miss TV!!), keep up with my magazines instead of tossing them after they've been unread for 5 months. Watched Downton Abbey.

8. Goals for the Home:

- Revamp Family Room. Worked on a gallery wall. Organize DVDs next? Still not done.
- Paint Master Bathroom (MLK weekend?) Now I need to finish the decor! I did finish a few decorating projects in the room, tho.
- Finish up Master Bedroom decor - Fail

- Clean/organize finished part of basement - Fail
- Clean/organize unfinished part of basement - Fail

10. Trips:
- Plan Disney trip with kids for this July Went to Disney in July!
- Take kids camping at YMCA Trout Lodge during their Spring Break or Mother's Day weekend Went on Memorial Day Weekend!
- Chicago to meet Wine Girls in Fall? No trip was planned for Wine Girls, but went to Chicago with Brian. Would love to do a girls weekend sometime

13. Mondo in January

14. Online Photography Classes I want to complete: Fail on this one, maybe in 2014.
- Our Fifth House
- Its Over Flowing

15. Change my primary DR to one that is at Mercy - Fail

17. Fashion/clothes. I would like to pretty myself up a little more this year. I wear the same jewelry every day and I have never been to Sephora. It would be nice to treat myself a little more. :) I've definitely updated my closet with clothes I love and new accessories... I want to continue to do this... Still need to plan a trip to Sephora!

18. Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 items out of my closet for 30 days). I am intrigued by this... I think it would be fun because it would take me out of my comfort zone. Did a May, August and November 30x30 Challenge. WHEW.
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