Curly Crafty Mom: Car Accident and Painting FAIL. Whatta weekend!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Car Accident and Painting FAIL. Whatta weekend!

So, my weekend started with THIS. Yes, I was sitting at a red light on my way home from work and someone (a fellow employee!) rear-ended me! I wasn't sure if I should get my car estimated, but I decided it was worth it to get my bumper looked at and to repair the lovely 'screw holes' he left in my bumper. Ahhh.

Then, once arriving home... Brian and I decided to go to our favorite Friday place (54th Street) for dinner and then to goes to Lowes to get our painting supplies for Saturday. We were finally going to paint the Master Bathroom! Yeah! We selected this lovely paint swatch called Oatlands Daisy. A nice muted yellow. My bedroom is gray/yellow/whites and I wanted a nice soft yellow in the bathroom. 

Saturday morning I had my hair appointment, after that I helped Brian finish priming the bathroom... we finished early and I got a gorgeous run in at my favorite spot. Did I mention it was in the lower 60's? Ahhh. A good day. We planned to start painting the beautiful Oatlands Daisy first thing Sunday morning. I could. not. wait.

Saturday Morning!! Sorry, no picture... You have to wait! Umm, so. Oatlands Daisy was an awful bright canary yellow once we painted it on the bathroom walls. It seriously hurt my eyes to even look at the walls. Painting FAIL. I was so bummed, because... I really like the color on the swatch. I felt fooled. Was it the lighting in the bathroom that changed it? What happened! I was rather depressed, so I went for a bitter treadmill run so I could mull it over.

While running on the treadmill, Brian went back to Lowes and got some other paint samples. When I came upstairs he had already painted them on the wall in squares. I thought, WHY didn't we do this to begin with? Why?!! Now, I know.

You can see a second coat of the Oatlands Daisy on the upper right square and all around the paint sample squares is just one coat of the Oatlands Daisy. We selected the upper right sample to be our final bathroom color. I can't even remember the name, but it is so more subdued and the yellow I envisioned. We just painted one coat of it over the bright ugly yellow and our problem was solved. We even got it done in time to watch Downton Abbey (my new favorite show) live. The next weekend J has the kids I plan to hit Hobby Lobby and Home Goods to look for new bathroom accessories and wall art. Yeah! Can't wait.

Now I am itching to repaint the bedroom... I really like how people paint the wall behind the headboard a darker color than the side walls... When (not if) we do this, I'll be sure to get PAINT SAMPLES this time. :))) Also, we tried out the green frog tape and it is amazing over that yucky blue tape. Go green! Get frog!

After I get the bathroom decorated, I'll show some before and after pics. :)
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