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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

New shoes. Upcoming races. Heck yeah!

Fleet Feet as become my favorite running supply store and just this last weekend I went in there for a brand new pair of running shoes. I was a few years overdue but unlike most runners I do most of my runs on my treadmill so it is probably not as hard on the shoes (just a guess).

I wanted to go away from Nike and I have fairly new inserts (an extra piece inside the shoe that gives extra support that most runners need for long distance running) so the lady went in the back and brought 3 new boxes of shoes out.

The first pair I tried on was Brooks (Trance 12) and it felt like heaven on my feet... could a durable and supportive running shoe really feel THAT good? My Nike's are great for running but I would not want to walk around in them all day... but, the Brooks I could live in! This may be why I needed a new pair of shoes. My Nike's I had gotten at Dick's and the lady said they were good long distance running shoes but that nothing could really beat a pair of Brooks. I agree with her. I tried on a pair of New Balance (a very purpley colored pair might I add!) and the pair of Nike's and of course the Brooks won! I was a little surprised she did not bring out a pair of Asics as I had thought that is what I would land up with, but NOPE.

Unfortunately I had a HORRIBLE cold so I did not try out the Brooks until last night and I will say I am glad I bought these right before my half marathon training starts, because I can tell a difference when running in them. I also needed to get a pod holder because I run on the treadmill and so my Garmin tracks my pace/mileage with my foot pod. I need to get it synced up a little better because last night it was off... I have heard it needs to be really secure and cannot jiggle AT ALL. My honey (Brian) is going to get it all fixed up for me before my next run. (Love you, BriBri!)

The shoes and the pod were a little over $170... running is definitely not a free or cheap sport like some may think! But, protecting my feet is important to me. I love to look at reviews online and after coming home and seeing over two thousand 5 star reviews on Brooks shoes made me quite happy and confident in my decision. Also, my shoe has some sort of adaptive cushioning 'gel' in it called DNA in it... um, cool... I guess! :)

I start training for the Go! Half Marathon on January 15th! I also talked Brian into 'trying' a half marathon and he is doing a beginners type training program. I am also farting (ha! Nathan's favorite word) around with the idea of running the 5 mile St. Patrick's Day race before the parade in March. There really isn't any races until then... I think it would be a fun pre-half marathon race and I've always wanted to run in it. We'll see!

If you are a runner, I'd love to know what shoes you've had and love to run in.
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