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Monday, January 14, 2013

Not much.

Not a whole lot going on in our neck of the woods right now... I haven't touched my camera in over a week. Its kind of nice to take a breather after all of the business that Christmas brings. I have slowly started some of my 2013 goals... We have had a few lazy weekends at home... really, not much.

Last week I started my Mondo Beyondo class and I really hope to get a lot of dreaming in for this session. There is a few things in my life right now that I am trying to find answers on... I have some ideas of where I want to go next with these parts of my life, but I haven't really acted on these ideas... for years and years!! Can you imagine that? 

I have started to work on some of my 2013 goals... One of these is making my 2009-2012 blogs into books. I am having great success with this by using Jen/Laura's instruction and my goal of getting the 2012 book done in 3 months is laughable now... because, it will take me much less time using Lulu!

This week I start training for my third half marathon. Let me be honest with you. I am not really that excited. I think I am just feeling really lazy lately. I am trying to decide if I want to sign up for the St. Patrick's Day 5 mile race.

We are planning two trips with the kids and that planning is under way! As I have mentioned before, I really want to take the kids to Orlando to see Disney. I cannot believe Nathan will turn 7 before seeing the magic of Disney. But, he will indeed see it at 7 because we are planning an early summer trip! I have been working with Stacey Burns, our travel agent and we will be putting a down payment on the trip later this week. We are going to stay at the Animal Kingdom Lodge with a Savannah view (as in giraffes under our balcony!)... I really cannot wait! We have decided to go with the dining package (which to my surprise does NOT include 3 full meals a day, but OH WELL)... and, we are flying and this will be the kids first trip on an airplane! Wheee! I really cannot wait to book because once we do, we are going to start working with Stacey on our dining reservations... and, I def. want to take Autumn to the castle for breakfast with the princesses and of course the hair salon to get her hair done. I might even get suckered into doing the Disney mail for the kids everyday (darn you Pinterest!).

Our other trip we are planning with the kids is a camping trip to Trout Lodge YMCA. This is really not TRUE camping, but its the only camping I care to do! We are looking into Mother's Day weekend or even Memorial Weekend so we can enjoy the swimming activities. Or, we may just pick a random weekend! I am excited because all the food is included and most of the activities are included too. They have campfires with smores, horse back riding, scavenger hunts, fishing, bike trails, geocaching, hiking, a craft room, ziplining, sailboats, etc., etc.

I have also gotten into a TV show... the first time SINCE my maternity leave with Nathan! I used to watch so many shows pre-kids it wasn't even funny. I miss my shows. So, I have decided I have time for ONE. I decided to start watching Downtown Abbey with Brian and we are hooked even though we did not even see Season 1 and 2. Might need to fix that.

Brian and I have finally gotten around to combining our finances. Yes, that is sad, isn't it? I just had a really complicated way of paying all of my bills and we really had to set aside time to go over how to do it better. Um, so, there was a better way and that way was Mint. Brian is awesome, what can I say? We have budgets and just a so much more rounded way of doing bills now. And, I am happy to give Brian the job of doing them! And, I do have to laugh that yes Brian has a monthly Lowes budget and I have a monthly Target budget. Ahh, whatever works!

I got Brian a 2 lb. bread machine for his birthday, because well... Brian is really into making bread these days. We sort of have too much bread in our house and its a common joke between me and the kids... what is Brian doing? Oh. He's making bread again. Do we really need this much bread?! And, Brian will respond, its my hobby right now, flour is only $3 a bag. Um, ok, whatever. Of course, last night I was craving some fresh white bread and I was sort of shocked when Brian had none. I was a little sad.

This weekend we are planning to paint the Master bathroom. Finally. Long weekend = home project, right? 

Nathan finally hit a solid 40 lbs. Yes, it took forever but we are excited to change his car seat over to the next level. Nathan is just so excited. Its the small things in life. :)

What else has been going on? Nathan is starting to work on his Pinewood derby car, Autumn is going to finally be tested through the county for speech therapy on Valentine's Day, Autumn had her 4 year well visit (more on that), we saw Les Mis at the theater and it was amazing perhaps one of the top 3 films I've seen in the theater EVER... Brian is in a weight loss challenge at work and he is #2 so far (there is some serious cash involved if he wins! hee!!)... oh, and, taking Autumn to the mall is still not a good idea (can we say, almost broke 10 coffee cups on a kioske?!) 

Hmm. Ok, now I am thinking maybe 'Not much.' isn't a good title for this post as it seems there IS some things going on... well, its still half of what we are normally up to! LOL!
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