Curly Crafty Mom: 14 Days of Love

Thursday, February 14, 2013

14 Days of Love

My hubby is a simple guy and it is really hard to figure out gifts for him sometimes. He loves sentimental gifts, so when I saw 14 Days of Love on Pinterest I thought why not? I loved the idea of giving him a little token of my love for the two weeks leading up to Valentine's Day. I love how cheesy yet fun this is... it really put a grin on his face every day when he would find his little gift. The kids also really got into this, although quite often poor Brian had to share his gifts with the kids. ;) What is nice is that there is also a mixture of healthy snacks among some sugary snacks.

I just got an iPhone for Christmas and I have really been loving Instagram lately. One thing I found out that I did not know was that I can send the photos to not only Facebook and Twitter, but also directly to my Flickr account! I love, love, love this... I also had so much fun playing with all of the little Instagram filters by making this into a photo series during the last 14 days! I am being a little more high tech each day. LOL 

You can make your own cards by handwriting them or using a layout program or you can be lazy like I was and use the labels from the Pinterest link (its a pdf file you can print). 

Day 1 - You are the 'apple' of my eye. I picked up an apple crisp kit along with some fresh apples.

Day 2 - Thanks for 'stick'ing by my side. Chapstick, of course! I even used tape to 'stick' it to the door.

Day 3 - 'Honey-Comb' your hair, because we've got a date tonight. This was my favorite one because it was the corniest!! Haha!

Day 4 - We make a great 'combo'! Brian told me he used to love these in college.

Day 5 of 14 Days of Love.
Day 5 - I wouldn't 'chews' anyone but you. - It was really fun picking out an assortment of gum for this one.

14 Days of Love. Day 6.
Day 6 - You have o'fish'ally stolen my heart! Can't beat Swedish fish.

Day 7 of 14 Days of Love. 
Day 7 - I think you are 'soda' amazing. Brian loves cherry sodas, so I got him some Stewart's which is the YUMMIEST soda brand ever! Although, I prefer their cream soda.

Day 8 of 14 Days of Love! Brian hates real bananas, so I got these! 
Day 8 - I'm 'banana' for you! Brian HATES bananas, but loves the banana chips. So, that is what I got... they are still sitting around, so maybe he secretly hates ALL bananas. Hmm.

Day 9 of 14 Days of Love. 
Day 9 - Life would be un'bear'able without you! We had a movie night with the kids so I thought this would be a perfect night to have gummy bears and ice cream to snack on during the movie.

Day 10 of 14 Days of Love.
Day 10 - You are one 'hot tamale'.

Day 11 of 14 Days of Love! 
Day 11 - I'm 'nuts' about you! There was a huge assortment of nuts at the store, so this was a fun one to shop for...

Day 12 of 14 Days of Love.
Day 12 - I would be so 'mix'ed up without you! I put the Chex Mix in a mixing bowl with a whisk to play up the mixed up word.

Day 13 of 14 Days of Love. 
Day 13 - We were 'mint' to be together. I just bought a lot of minty stuff.

Day 14 of 14 Days of Love. :)  
Day  14 - You make my 'heart' bubble over. We are wine drinkers and I love Cupcake so I decided to get their champagne for this one. Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty cold on Valentine's Day and we are going to save it for another time! Boo to being sick on V-Day!

Hopefully Brian enjoyed the two weeks of love.. :) 
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