Curly Crafty Mom: Auttie's First Double Layer Cake.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Auttie's First Double Layer Cake.

It is so fun to look in the Easy Bake aisle at all of the little packages with yummies to bake. I decided to pick up a fun Valentine's double layer cake packet to give to Autumn for Valentine's Day. It looked a little more challenging than the cookies and cupcakes we had already tried. Yay for baking with my little girl!

We started with the red velvet layer first (it looked more like a chocolate cake to me)

Then, with my help, we put the red velvet cake batter into the pan. Autumn loves this baby that Grandma got her for Valentine's Day and she had to help us bake. I just love this photo, it has Autumn written all over it.

Autumn loves to pose for photos when she decides she wants to. (She thinks she is the boss! ha!) Here she is posing with her baby and the cake tray. Look at that genuine Auttie smile.

While the red velvet cake baked in the oven, we started on the strawberry cake.

While the last cake was baking, I joked on Twitter that it takes half a day to bake an Easy Bake cake! Lol! I let Autumn go play downstairs while I got the icings, sprinkles, bowls and spatullas out for her.

Strawberry cake anyone? Fresh out of the Easy Bake!

She wanted to pose again! Ready to spread that middle layer of icing!

She did really good... I was expecting her to try to lick the spatula or something, the Easy Bake icing is so sweet!

And, we have a layered cake... Autumn was so proud of herself. I had to make sure both cakes cooled completely before I moved them around too much so that they weren't too soft.

Here is a closeup. Most of the easy bake items that you bake are so small (doll sized), but this cake filled an entire saucer plate. It was nice to have a decent sized cake!

Autumn couldn't wait to ice the top of the cake. So, she did!

What a beautiful cake! (Psst. Easy Bake could have given us a little more icing!)

We cut the cake up into little squares and then decorated it with the sprinkles.

Autumn wanted to eat the sprinkles out of the bowl INSTEAD of putting them on the cake. Ha!

Here she is with her cake! Proud lady! I wish this would have been a better photo, the sunlight was just flooding the room. I also snatched her up a pretzel kit that I am going to hold onto and put into her Easter basket. Can't wait! We also have a Smores kit leftover from Christmas. Its so fun to bake with my little girl... the Easy Bake or the regular way!
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