Curly Crafty Mom: Future carpenter! Nathan's scooter cart.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Future carpenter! Nathan's scooter cart.

Nathan came home from Lowes with... all of this. Nathan wanted to make his very own scooter cart.

He wanted his scooter cart to be just like a race car... smaller wheels in the front, bigger wheels in the back.

Marking the wood so the cart will be a perfect fit for Nathan.

Cutting down the wood (ignore my messy desk!). Nathan has his own pair of goggles leftover from the Pinewood Derby. I love how Nathan is holding the wood while Brian cuts it.

Nathan is nailing the support boards to form the frame.

And... here is Nathan with his scooter cart. :) He was SO proud of it!

The sporty side view!!

Oh, and the under side.


Pushing each other on Nathan's new cart. Autumn wants Nathan to make her a cart now!
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