Curly Crafty Mom: Lutheran Schools Week

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lutheran Schools Week

We just finished up Lutheran Schools week and of course I had to snatch a photo of the kids each day in their special clothes. On Monday, it was almost 70's degrees outside and they had a sweats day planned. Of course, you would never dream of it EVER being almost 70 in January, but I threw some sweatshirts on the kids. Nathan almost died of heat exhaustion in gym class with his big hoodie on so I think if this ever happens again I will just send him to school in a long sleeved t-shirt instead of a hot sweatshirt!

On Tuesday, they had a PJ dress up day and even though Autumn does not have class on Tuesdays, I dressed her up in PJ's so my Mom could take her to see the Reptile Show at school. Yes, they had a special Reptile Show for each of the classes and the kids just loved it! Personally, I am not a reptile fan.

Tuesday was also the Pinewood Derby night, so I snapped a photo of a proud Nathan showing off his Batmobile.

Wednesday was Sports Team day

Thursday only Nathan had school and he went to the Lutheran Hour Ministries for a field trip for most of the day. After that they had class competitions. I did not remember to get a photo of him that morning, but you can click on this link to see a video they made at Lutheran Hour Ministries, their video is Day 4: Morning. His class has look alike day and they had to wear blue or red shirts and khaki pants.

Friday was Black and Gold day, the school colors... the school paid for a free pizza and ice cream lunch for all of the kids. Autumn had her first lunch at school.
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