Curly Crafty Mom: Skylander and Fashion Designer V-Day Cards

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Skylander and Fashion Designer V-Day Cards

If you have a 6.75 year old (like I do), you know that Skylanders Giants is HUGE in popularity for their age bracket. Nathan really wanted Skylanders Valentine cards, but to my shock (or should I say horror?) they did not carry them at Target. Or anywhere! So, I did what any sensible Mom would do... I searched the word 'Skylander' on Pinterest. Lo and behold, a lady was selling Skylander cards (which, for a fun note- she had 90 left when I ordered my set last week and now she only has 16 left... lots of Mom's waiting till the last minute!) on her Etsy shop. Here is what the sheet looked like after I printed it on my Inkjet... 

Nathan worked on his cards this year without much help from me. It was awesome, because I had to give Autumn LOTS of help.

Unfortuantly, there wasn't a TO: section on his cards, so we did this underneath his name. Nathan wanted to be sure to give out the Eye Brawl cards to his bestest friends.

Here are Nathan's finished cards. The Etsy pdf I received had a second page with a green background that you could cut out and glue to each card to give it a nice green border.

After we glued the green border onto the cards, Nathan had to make sure Kevin's card had not gotten lost and was indeed ready for the hand out tomorrow. Nathan is such a caring friend.


Luckily, Autumn's Valentine Cards were the boxed kind from Target. She picked out the Fashion Designer set because each child work receive a sheet of stickers with clothes, accessories, etc. for them to decorate their doll with on their card. 

Autumn worked really hard on her Valentine's, but we had so many to write out that she lost interest... after maybe card 5. She can write her name, but it was just not holding her interest. So, like every other PS3 Mom, I wrote out most of her cards. Ahhh, there is always  next year!

Writing her name... So much fun! :)
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