Curly Crafty Mom: Thoughts on 2nd Mondo Beyondo Class

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Thoughts on 2nd Mondo Beyondo Class

In 2010, I took my very first Mondo Beyondo class... If you are wondering what Mondo Beyondo is, it is a six week long class about dreaming big. I took the class in 2010 because I knew I wanted a lot of changes in my life, but I was too afraid and overwhelmed with how to begin to push my life towards my dreams and what I really wanted. In the class we created a Mondo Beyondo list, where we jot down all of our dreams, no matter how foolish we may think they are... then, through lessons we work towards an understanding of how to catch these dreams. This can be as simple as creating a clearing or as scary as leaving it up to the universe by letting the dream go for now, to return to us on its own if it wishes... 

I enjoyed taking this class a second time because I could look back on my notes from when I took this class 3 years ago. It really made me realize... WOW. I have achieved many, many dreams in just these 3 years. Did I actively work towards all of these? No, some just happened! But, others I did work towards. It is amazing how our lives unfold for us. It made me realize I am not living in a static life, I am pursing my dreams and they are coming true for me. A huge dismantling occurred after the first Mondo Beyondo session, but out of it I can truly feel and say this:

I can now say I love myself exactly the way I am.
I can now say I married my best friend, without any hesitation or doubt.
I can now say I am excited for what the future holds for me.
I can now say that goals I never thought I could achieve, I will indeed achieve.
And much, much more.

I truly believe you cannot be happy if you are stuck, if you do not take risks or chances... or allow yourself to dream. I am still fearful of change, but I try to embrace it more than I ever did. I look back on my life before and I realize how much I have grown, how sad and scared I was before... I did not know I could make these things happen, I thought the life I was given was what I got. The foolish mistakes I had made were my scars. I was stuck with it. Forever. But, I was wrong. I was not foolish to dream for more. I did deserve better and past mistakes do not own me.

Mondo Beyondo the second time was so different than the first time I took it. I felt more in control of my life, I feel happier... I know this dreaming business is serious and it works. As a result, my second Mondo Beyondo list was much different yet the same. I know that does not make sense, but... to me it shows I still have many of the same dreams yet some of them have changed because of dreams that already occurred. Some are bigger now. Some are just different. But, with more faith in myself and more love I feel my list has grown up. I do not believe I'll have another huge dismantling after Mondo this time, because I feel more secure and happy in life. I feel I can accomplish more yet I also feel I enjoy just simmering in what I have right now in the present.

I also feel having the the right partner in life helps to compliment you. Brian has been a Godsend to me, he had been in my life all along and I had always known something was meant to happen between us. I knew this two decades ago, when I had a different feeling about him that I could never find with anyone else... I remembered this feeling and we talked about it when we reconnected. It feels like being at home to be with him.

After finishing Mondo Beyondo this second time, I feel at peace knowing that I have a lot of dreams ahead of me and a lot to look forward to.
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