Curly Crafty Mom: Valentine Gifts for the Kids

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Valentine Gifts for the Kids

Every year I get the kids something little for Valentine's Day. Several months ago I had seen an idea on Pinterest to replace the chocolates with money in a Valentine's box. Nathan is really into saving money right now, so I thought this would be perfect


I was right, he LOVED it. It was a lot of fun to put together, too... except I wish the box would have had those little tissue papers around each chocolate. But, it still turned out super cute. I should have taken a photo of the look on his face when he opened the box!


Happy Valentine's to my sweet 6 year old!


I hope he remembers all these silly things I have done for him when he gets older.

Nathan carefully counting his money, I love this :)


And, what was Autumn happy with? A plastic bag with the chocolates from the box! LOL!

I also got the kids some other gifts... Nathan has been wanting Eye Brawl for his Skylanders game forever. Brian heard ToysRUs had a supply and went only to find they just had 2 and they were given away quickly. Ahhh. So, I found it on Amazon for a very steep price ($50!!!)... I had some gift cards from doing online surveys and Swagbucks and I landed up getting it for $15 after all of that... which, is a very reasonable price to pay for Eye Brawl! YAY! And, to see the excitement on his face was just priceless.


I also got both kids a box of conversation hearts and a lollipop from Chocolate Chocolate (also some marshmallow hearts for ME!).

Nathan is also really into Batman so I got him another Batman and 2 bad guys (he has been wanting bad guys so Batman has something to do!).

Autumn got a Barbie dog that uh, umm.. gets gassy on a cardboard mat after eating. It is pretty funny.


And, lastly, I got her an Easy Bake Valentine's cake set... she LOVES to cook... I got the puppy and this Easy Bake for FREE at ToysRUs because I use their Rewards card and they sent me money vouchers after Christmas! I love free stuff!
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