Curly Crafty Mom: 2013 Easter Baskets and a Flash Back!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Easter Baskets and a Flash Back!

First for a little fun... a flash back on previous Easter baskets I've made for the kids over the years! Its fun to see how their interests have changed!

2012 Easter Baskets
2011 Easter Baskets
2010 Easter Baskets
2009 Easter Baskets

...and, that is as far back as my blog goes! Boo! Otherwise, it'd go to 2006! I can't believe I have taken photos of their baskets all of these years, it is kind of sentimental in a way.

Easter is so early this year and I wanted to get Nathan and Autumn's baskets together before it got too late. I usually collect little things for their basket throughout the year, but I really needed to make a Target run to finish them up. I always feel like I buy too much and this was the case again this year. Sigh. I just can't help myself. 

I tried to fill Nathan's basket with some Super Hero items as that is what he is into right now (especially Batman). I am going to try to list everything that is in his basket in case you are looking for some ideas:
Fish anatomy puzzle, Nerd rope, Pokemon Dragon card set, bubble wand, Sponge Bob gummy egg, 3 Peeps on a Stick, crystal making kit, chocolate bunny, Snickers egg, hand held claw, Batman lego sit (comes with Batman, Catwoman and a motorcycle), Reeses in a carrot, Jelly Belly, Superhero powder candy with lick-able stick and a large inflatable carrot. Whew! HOW did I fit all of those in his basket?!

And, here is Autumn's basket:
Baby doll with binky and a bear (the tummy on the bear lights up), gummy bears, Hello Kitty lip gloss cell phone, Easy Bake pretzel kit, pink purse (every year I get her a purse) and bubble gum tape.
Plus, these repeaters from her brother's basket: Bubble wand, Sponge Bob gummy egg, 3 Peeps on a Stick, chocolate bunny, hand held claw, Reeses in a carrot, Jelly Belly and powder candy with lick-able stick.


They each are also getting a gift I could not fit in their baskets. Nathan is getting a Batman zip line launcher and Autumn a walking Snuggimal puppy. I've always wanted to buy Autumn a Snuggimal... I really wanted to get her the polka dot horse, but I know she loves puppies! This puppy even walks.


Just a better view of the top of the baskets so you can see what goodies are inside. Now, they are currently wrapped in a clear basket gift bag and at the top of our master closet. Hopefully, these nosey kiddos won't see them stored up there before Easter. I am running out of good hiding spots the older they get!
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