Curly Crafty Mom: iPhone Photo Dump

Thursday, March 28, 2013

iPhone Photo Dump

I have never done an iPhone photo dump before, but I thought it would be fun since today is my Friday (3 day weekend, yes!). If you don't follow me on Twitter or Instagram yet, you probably haven't seen any of these photos... so feel free to add me! Or, if you are friends with me I still included some photos that didn't make it to Twitter and Instragram, too! This is a photo I took of myself sitting at the longest light before work getting to work.


I snapped these after dropping the kids off at Sunday school. I found Nathan!

This was a photo I took to share with Autumn's teacher to let her know that Grandma and Autumn made another batch of playdough for her class. Grandma makes the best playdough and it didn't take long for the secret to get out!

Last weekend we took Nathan to ToysRUs to get some ideas for his upcoming birthday. Of course, he fell in love with the most expensive toy there. Ah, its nice to dream! ;)

Nathan is really into all of his iPad games and he asked Brian how he could organize them since he has so many. The boy learned about folders and there is even a Monsters folder, too funny!

I can't remember what this cart was called (Brian?), but they had it at the last Pack meeting and Nathan really, really wants Brian to help him build one now. This may be a good birthday gift in place of that ultra-expensive battery car. Hmm?

I must learn how to do this to my hair without the help of a stylist.

Me playing Grandma x 3. Autumn loves her babies right now.

If you know me, you know I love me some lush. This bath bomb was called Big Blue and it turned the water a beautiful sky blue color.

Everyone loves lace right now and I love my lace bracelet find at F21

I love gazpacho and refreshing summer soups. This cucumber soup at Balaban's was so  delicious!

We went bowling a few weekends ago and everyone had a lot of fun. We really need to go bowling as a family more and we hopefully will since I signed us up for the free bowling summer program again. (Also, did you see Autumn beat her brother? Shhh! The boy is very competitive!)

thermal-styling-shield-spray The best ever heat protector that I have found... and Target carries it!

shamrock-shake My new favorite shake - Shamrock

purse Autumn with my new Tory purse

helper Autumn helping me decorate for Easter
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