Curly Crafty Mom: What to do when you are snowed in? Dye some eggs!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

What to do when you are snowed in? Dye some eggs!

What a crazy Spring it has been... Spring break was in the 40's and then today a MASSIVE snow storm  (up to 8-10"). Nathan had to sing in choir for church for two services and then I pulled Autumn out of Sunday school early, because the roads were getting snow covered. Now the kids have a snow day tomorrow and they are off Friday and the following Monday for Easter. Lucky ducks! I want their schedule. :) Since we were pretty much snowed in today, we decided to dye some Easter eggs. The last two years we have dyed them outside, because there is little to no clean up if there is any drops or spills, but its been COLD all of March... so, we dyed them on this snowy day! Of course, after church all I wanted to do was lay on the couch and rest a bit, but Autumn was so excited to dye eggs (can you tell by this picture?) that she kept pleading for me to get up!!

Our lovely dye kits- Star Wars and Princesses! 

Autumn's kit even came with bracelets! Nathan's came with 3D glasses...  

The table set up nice and neat, ready for destruction.

The kids were WAYY too excited so I struggled to get a decent photo of them before they started to dye their eggs. And, 2 dozen eggs is NOT enough anymore as they went through them way too quickly. We may get 3 or 4 dozen next year.

Working hard on their eggs


Nathan really is a pro at this whole egg dyeing business now that he is almost 7. Its kind of sad to think he is growing up SO fast... I can remember when he was a baby and he squished one of the hard boiled eggs in his little fist and the yolk fell out and rolled down the table. He had such big eyes when he saw the yolk drop on the floor. Awhhh.


Autumn-being careful with eggs


Here are some photos of Autumn dyeing her eggs... She is so cute! She was really delicate with her precious eggs and I have a little painting/stamping kit I bought a few years back and she really loved using it. She had really messy dyed covered hands afterwards and Nathan's weren't messy at all!

Nathan's finished eggs

Autumn's finished eggs
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