Curly Crafty Mom: Do 6 year olds have bucket lists?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Do 6 year olds have bucket lists?

We have been enjoying some really nice days here in Saint Louis (well, we were... its back in the 50's again now) and I love to go outside in the backyard and chill with the kids. I really should be doing some yard work back there and less chillin', but that is on my agenda this weekend! Nathan has been telling me how much he has been wanting to climb a tree. I usually say, yeah... uh huh. Well, the kids were outside playing with Brian while I was cleaning up dinner and I came back outside and saw the boy in our TREE! Now, we have one tree in our backyard and its a Tulip tree, not a tree I would think of as a good climbing tree. Our tree is trimmed so the branches start over your head and Brian was holding his legs, but Nathan was arguing with him to let go so he could climb up higher. Its a tall tree! GULP. That is when I lost my Mommy cool and said, "GET down rigth now!" I was thinking, we can't lose the boy up there in the tree! Yes, I am a super paranoid Mom and tree climbing does not make me calm. Brian got the boy down and then BRIAN started climbing the poor tree!! Sigh. I think he was testing teasing me. I just can't win. Then, I had to tell Brian to get out of my tree, because well its a nice pretty tree AND I didn't want a branch torn off of it. Or a broken husband!


Look at this HUGE smile. Nathan can cross tree climbing off his bucket list (do 6 year olds have those?) and I guess for that big of a smile it was worth the risk of him falling (even though Brian did hold his legs the entire time). Sigh. I guess boys will be boys. And, I guess I wasn't too worried since I DID go back in the house to get my good camera so I could snap some awesome photos of him up in the tall tree with the deep blue sky in the background? Yep. Mom's will be Mom's. Next item on Nathan's bucket list? Sleep over with friends from school!
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