Curly Crafty Mom: Easter Egg Hunt at School

Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Egg Hunt at School

Nathan and Autumn's school has a pancake breakfast and egg hunt the morning before Easter. Upon entering the school, we ran into the Easter bunny! Nathan got an egg from him and Autumn would not go up to him without us helping her understand he was not scary.

The pancake breakfast is always really good and the kids always love pancakes! Always a win-win for me! My Mom came along, too, she is the one that took this picture!

We headed outside and Autumn's group (5 and under) went first. I got a lot of photos of her, because there were so many eggs and the kids are just a lot slower than the 6 and up!

Go, Autumn, GO! I love getting a running photo.

My favorite photo of the day! Look at this cutie, she is reaching for TWO different eggs at the same time! Love this!

Smiling down at all of the eggs in her basket. Just precious. Oh, it makes me sad to think she is growing up so fast and I want to remember all of these special moments.

Showing off her eggs to Grandma. Goodness, she is going to need to move to a size 5 in dresses! She is wearing a 4T and the dress is getting short on her already... it fit last month!

Looking for the last few eggs...

Me and my cutie at the end of her egg hunt. I had to tickle her to get her to smile for the camera!

Then, it was time for Nathan's egg hunt. Brian was already over there with him so I had Grandma watch Autumn so I could rush over and get some photos. The 6 and up egg hunt goes QUICK. No time to stop and get cute photos like I did with Autumn's hunt.


Nathan did pretty good for being the youngest in the age bracket.

Grandma always tells Nathan he has eagle eyes and well he must, because he spotted this hard to reach egg.


Nathan with me and Brian after his hunt.


The kids opening their eggs after the hunt. It was good candy this year, lots of Reese PB cups! YUM! Last year it was ALL Hershey Kisses! I like some variety!
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