Curly Crafty Mom: Fairy Gardens, French Shop and More in Downtown Kirkwood

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Fairy Gardens, French Shop and More in Downtown Kirkwood

Time for a little shopping (esp. at Christophers!) and lunch with friends. Beautiful day!
Last Sunday after church, I met up with two of my forever friends in Downtown Kirkwood to do a little shopping and to get a little lunch. It was a beautiful Spring day and I enjoyed every minute wandering the streets in Downtown Kirkwood. I parked right next to their farmers market and enjoyed some samples before heading over to Christopher's to meet up with my friends.

Fairy Garden is a must for  my garden this spring. #hint #momsday
In THREE different stores, we saw Fairy Gardens! Of course I texted this picture to Brian and told him **hint**hint**mothersday**. A Fairy Garden is just a mini garden you set up inside your big garden, with little chairs, bridges, cottages, etc. for the fairies you buy for it. Most of the pieces they sell individually, but I did see a box set at another store where you got several pieces for $25. I could totally see myself getting all creative with this and I know of a perfect place I could set it up in my garden. This was the set up they had at Christopher's and this picture only shows half of it! My friend Becky is also wanting to do a fairy garden, too now! So much fun!!!

Here is a fairy garden set that I saw at the OK Hatchery (it is next door to Christopher's) for $25. Not bad, it came with a few fairies and several little garden pieces for them. I used to have pet bunnies (before I had kids! lol!) and I used to go to the OK Hatchery to buy special food for them. It is just a really neat store inside and out, if you are in Downtown Kirkwood be sure to check it out.

Here is the Fairy garden they had set up at the OK Hatchery. Its not as fancy as the one at Christopher's, but I still love it. And, see the sign??? Much more Fairy stuff coming soon! Whooweeee!

Then, we headed to one more store before lunch... The Bug Store! It is across the street from Christopher's and OK Hatchery and it had more Fairy garden stuff! Look at these little plants you can buy for your fairy garden... oh, the options are unlimited.

And, look at all of these little fairies on sticks? The prices at this store were not bad, either... 

Little benches, little bird baths, little cats and dogs. I cannot wait, its going to be like a little garden dollhouse! LOL! I am sure Autumn will want to help me, too!

After looking at endless Fairy garden options, we decided to break for lunch. I have seen Kaldi Coffee Houses everywhere, but I had never eaten at one. They had quiches, sandwiches and salads. I went for their turkey avocado with a Farmer's Market side salad, oh and a salted caramel Toddy. Yum! The toppings on the salad were just delicious... apples, grapes, blue cheese, an assortment of seeds. Cranberries. Yum!

After lunch, we went in several more shops... I love to snap photos of things I would like to recreate or that give me ideas for entirely different ideas. There was a French decor store called The French Bee of Kirkwood that I LOVED.  It is on the second floor and it had me bursting with ideas once I left. Look at this small crib frame and how they display photos on it with pins.

Sorry if some of these photos aren't the best, but I was juggling some things in my hand and my iPhone. I love this chicken wire behind this rustic wooden frame. I could see painting the chicken wire white and hanging jewelry on it and putting some small knobs on the top ends to hang necklaces on.

Exposed lamp with burlap tie.

I love the idea of making a chalkboard inside a picture frame. I would probably use a different frame and add some rosettes!

And, then I saw it. What I had come all this way to buy. Do you see it?

Block letters that say PARIS! Ohmy! Yes, I did buy them! And, I'll be sure to show you soon just where I put them in my home. I have been working on a Paris themed end table in our home and I needed just one more piece for the table. So happy I found it!

My friends and I had so much fun in Kirkwood that we have decided to make a shopping trip of it every Spring. In the Fall we always shop in St. Charles on Main street, so this will be our annual Spring shopping trip. Gotta love fun with girlfriends!
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