Curly Crafty Mom: Night Before Easter

Monday, April 1, 2013

Night Before Easter

We were so busy last weekend that I almost forgot to whip out our Night Before Easter book! I put bunny ears on the kids (Autumn put hers on me) and we read this special story together.

Brian and I knew Easter day would be hectic, so we decided to give each other our baskets that night. Brian did awesome on my basket, a nice harmony between sweets and sweat. I have been wanting to try out kettlebells and he got me two weights and a DVD. Yes! Also, Nutella snacks and Cadbury eggs! Double yes! 

I ordered Brian a basket online from Mrs. Prindable's Hand-made Sweets. I hope he shares his chocolate covered apples with me! ;)

I had the kids eggs stuffed and their baskets ready, but had to stuff their mini 'coin' eggs and I also made some of these to tuck in their eggs. I made 4 and only 3 were found... so, it may be a nice surprise in the yard later this Spring! The kids went crazy over the bunny money and they were so easy to make.
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