Curly Crafty Mom: Our excitement last night? Rain Gutter Regatta!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our excitement last night? Rain Gutter Regatta!

I never knew about all the fun little activities that Cub scouts did until Nathan joined this year, but apparently one of them is racing wooden sailboats down rain gutters with a straw! And, for a boy that can never fully make up his mind... here is Nathan's Angry Bird/Batman boat!

First, they let the kids practice a bit... Autumn was right by her brother's side, wanting to help blow air on the sail.

Nathan's first race. Do you think he won?

The boy could blow the three little piggy's houses down, because not only did he win this race, he won all of them! Yay for Nathan! I think he has Mommy's competitive streak in him...

He also got his arm wet!

At the end, they let all the siblings, adults, etc. race. I love the big smiles on Nathan and Autumn's faces in this photo as they race against each other. Of course, the big brobro won!
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