Curly Crafty Mom: Snake Bubbles, a FUN Bubble Activity!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Snake Bubbles, a FUN Bubble Activity!

Today I am going to share a fun kids activity that I have had Pinned for over a year! My kids love bubbles, and this is an easy way to make a bubble blowing tool from recycled items from your own home. It is simple, easy to put together and it really works (unlike some things you Pin!). It also makes for great photos and lots of entertainment for the kids!

First, grab a water bottle or two out of your recycle bin, then grab some outgrown white kids socks, rubber bands and a pair of scissors. I recommend white socks, so you can see the colors you are adding to it (you'll see what I am talking about further down). Cut 2" of the bottom of the water bottle off with scissors, it will cut as easy as butter. Then, pull a white kids sock over the open end and push down all the way, I did have to fold it over as mine were a little too long. Then, secure the sock on the water bottle as you see in the photo above. Now you have your snake bubble making tool!

Autumn was really excited to start blowing these neat little snake bubbles, she was practically glued to my side while we got everything together for them.

Here is a closeup of what I brought outside for the snake bubbles. You'll need a shallow dish (such as a pie dish) to mix a little dish detergent in with some water. If you want to make colored snake bubbles (highly recommend), you'll want to bring out your food coloring packet.

Then, dunk the sock end into the soapy water for a few seconds, bring it out and BLOW!

Nathan blowing his first round of snake bubbles, then he decided to run around the yard so he could blow snake bubbles all over the place.

It didn't take long for the kids to BEG me to help them add some food coloring to the bottom of their socks. Just add 2-3 drops of each color you have available. You want a lot of different colors, it'll give you a rainbow bubble snake!

You don't need to be real neat with the food coloring, I want to try dropping it on the sock in straight lines instead of in dots next time.

After applying the food coloring, dunk the sock back into the soapy water and once again, blow!


The kids were so excited to see all of the colors in their bubbles. It really is just such a neat little bubble blowing activity to do with them!

I had fun taking photos of all of the beautiful colored bubbles that ornamented my lawn.

Autumn tried to finger paint with her bubbles

You will need to keep adding more and more food coloring to your sock to keep the colors fresh every 5 minutes or so.

But the result is beautiful colored bubbles



So what do you think happened to all of these colorful bubbles in the lawn?

Yep! You guessed it, STOMP STOMP STOMP! The kids loved stepping on all of the bubbles to pop them. Guess that just means we need to make more?

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