Curly Crafty Mom: St. Louis Go! Half Marathon Professonial Proofs

Friday, April 19, 2013

St. Louis Go! Half Marathon Professonial Proofs

Official Race Photo
After a race, I always get excited for them to post the official race photos! Its fun to see the good and bad photos they snatch of me while I am running my little legs off to get through all those miles! Here is the photo they took of me after I finished the race and received my medal. I really don't look as sweaty as I was in this photo, thank goodness! I am trying to decide which photos to buy... ahhh, decisions!

General Race Photo2
There is nothing better than running towards the arch in a St. Louis race and seeing the sea of runners ahead of you.

Just Running 
I do not remember where this was taken, but it looks like I am hanging in there! I always find it funny when they have photographers on 4 wheelers and they go at the same pace as the runners to get photos.

Finish Line1
And, here I am finishing strong! YES! My third half finished!!

General Race Photo1
Just another general shot, you can see Union Station in the background.
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