Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot Tuesday #10 - Colorblock Dress & French Braided Bangs

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday #10 - Colorblock Dress & French Braided Bangs


I have been wanting to join Kelly on her Trendy Tot linkup ever since she first started, but I finally had time this last weekend to come up with an idea for a linkup post. It all started when my Mom found this beautiful Children's Place color block dress for 44 cents! I am really into colorblock maxi's, especially when they block the color out in chevron, so of course I was thrilled she had found this cute dress for my daughter. (And, normally my Mom and my style do not mix! ha!)

I know Kelly mentioned how hard it is to get your child to cooperate with you for photos, especially for Trendy Tot! I'll admit, I spent my good share of Sunday afternoon chasing down this little girl to get some adorable photos of her in this dress. See?

I did get her to cooperate, but even those are somewhat silly photos. I got her to smile at me here, but she's being silly at the same time since she is hanging off the fence.

Autumn loves to wear a little jewelry, but only on her terms. Here she is wearing a colorful glass bead bracelet that she picked out at her school's craft fair. Several of the beads pull colors from her dress, such as the turquoise and pink ones.

I am loving how I french braided her bangs! I have been wanting to teach myself how to french braid forever. And, I finally took the time to figure it out this weekend. It really isn't that hard, especially if you're a pro at making just a regular braid. I have been trying some different hair styles on Auttie lately and perhaps I'll have to share them on a future Trendy Tot post!


Sometimes it is fun to just let her play and take some candid shots...

I really need to try to french braid my bangs now! 

Autumn can really get into posing for photos when she wants to, this was my favorite photo I took of her out of the bunch. I think this outfit would be even cute if she had turquoise shoes on to match the turquoise color block around the waste and her turquoise bow.

Dress: Children's Place
Bracelet: Craft Fair Vendor (sorry, don't have name)
Shoes: Crazy8
Bow: Sugar Sweet Bows
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