Curly Crafty Mom: yurbuds Sports Earphones Review & Free Expo Stuff!

Friday, April 12, 2013

yurbuds Sports Earphones Review & Free Expo Stuff!

My gift to myself for subjecting myself to another half. #aqua #yurbuds
Happy Friday! Last Friday I went up to the Chaifetz Center at SLU to pick up my running packet for the Go! Race. For every BIG race that I run, I love to give myself a little gift at the end for all of the hard work I have done. In years past it has been a few new running bras from Target, a new running belt, new running shoes, new running hairbands, etc. Its always running themed and the bigger the race the bigger I gift myself (hey, bigger races are more work!) One year Brian surprised ME with a gift and got me my Garmin! Love you, Bri! xo!

So, this year I knew what I wanted but I was going to buy it AFTER the race until I saw it at the Running Expo! yurbuds! I was going to buy a pair on Amazon, but I was so glad I saw a table at the expo! Mainly, because I had no idea that they carried them in different sizes. They examined my ear and let me try a size 4-5 and it fit perfectly and did not fall out when they tugged on the cord. I spent an extra ($10-15? sorry can't remember) to get the Inspire Talk pair that is iPhone (and android) compatible. It has one little button on the cord that skips you to the next song or it will also pause the song. It also has a MIC. Isn't that SWEET?! I loved skipping songs during the race or I would pause it if another runner started to talk to me. Do you ever have runners start chatting it up with you at the race? I do and it was so nice to be able to pause the song with a click of my cord instead of messing with my iPad or pulling my ear plugs out.

Even better... not only do they have different sizes, but they also have different girly colors to pick from. I could have done grape or aqua and of course I got aqua since I knew it would go perfectly with all of my pink running stuff. 

yurbuds are known for not slipping out while you run due to sweat. On longer runs such as half marathons, you do some major sweating. Before I got the yurbuds I had purchased some earphones that wrapped around my ears so that they would not fall out while running and sweating. Do you know what I am talking about? They have the unattractive little piece of plastic that wraps behind your ear? Yeah, not only are they unattractive, but they are hard to put in and mine still fell out after I did some major sweatage. Thank goodness for yurbuds, I heart you!

Also, I didn't have a chance yet to show you the freebies I got at the Expo. It wasn't bad... The edible items I ate (of course) and it consisted of a couple of different salads. Pictured above you'll see I got a 13.1 sticker for free, a cell phone cleaner wipe and a bunch of pens, and misc. junk. I was excited to spin the Minute Rice spinner and I won a 4 pack of microwave brown rice! YAY! I love free stuff. :) I love stocking up on chapstick at these Expo's and this year they were even giving out sunscreen sticks! Those will be great for my outdoor runs this summer and for the kids, too! Oh, and one vendor gave us jellybellys! Yum! Yay for free stuff!
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