Curly Crafty Mom: 30X30 Challenge - May Kickoff!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

30X30 Challenge - May Kickoff!


I have been talking about this 30X30 challenge for quite some time now and finally May 1st has rolled around the corner! I thought about backing out at the last minute, BUT this is on my goal list this year and I really want to get better at getting better use of the clothes I have in my closet.

Of course, I waited until TONIGHT to figure out my 30 items... It is now 11:00 p.m. and I am writing this blog post... agh! But, luckily the bedroom is no longer a mess, my 30 items are selected and they are all tucked away in the closet for lots of use this month!

Here are the pieces that I'll be wearing this month:
(Top Left to Top Right):
1. Nine West Brown Sandals (they have cute zippers on the heel)
2. Bandolino Gold Sandals
3. Express Cream Flats
(Bottom Left to Top Right):
4. Rampage White Flip Flops with Faux Diamond
5. Old Navy Gold Flats
6. Old Navy Black Pom Pom Flats

Business Casual Pants for Work
(Left to Right):
7. Express Coral Pants
8. Express Mint Capris
9. Old Navy Midnight Blue Capris
10. Express Denim Trouser Capris
11. Old Navy White Pants
12. Old Navy Brown Capris
(Left to Right):
13. Shade Skinny Jeans
14. Old Navy Sweetheart White Capris
(Left to Right):
15. Old Navy Floral Skirt
16. Old Navy White and Black Striped Skirt
17. White House Black Market Halter Top Dress in Chevron print
(Left to Right):
18. Old Navy Jean Jacket
19. White House Black Market White Jacket
Cardigans (because my work is COLD!!!!!)
(Left to Right):
20. Old Navy Jade Green Cardigan
21. Old Navy Lime Green Cardigan
22. Ann Taylor Loft Lavender Cardigan
23. Old Navy Coral Cardigan
(Left to Right):
24. Old Navy Floral Shirt
25. Old Navy White and Lavender Striped Shirt
26. The Gap Green and White Striped Shirt
27. Forever 21 Chambray Shirt with White Polka Dots
Tank Tops
(Left to Right):
28. Old Navy Sequin Tank
29. Old Navy Mint and White Checkered Tank
30. Old Navy Chambray Tank
31. Old Navy Navy Polka Dots on White Tank
NOT sure if you saw this, but I have 31 ITEMS!!! I am going to try to NOT use one of these items this month, but I really could not subtract one item! I know, I know... this is hard!!
Jewelry, scarves, cami's (because, I wear them under my clothes every day) do not count as items.
Stay tuned, I will post every week the outfits I have worn! I start tomorrow... if you follow me on Instagram you may see a sneakypeak here and there.
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