Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - Week One Photos

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

30x30 Challenge - Week One Photos

WHEW! Well, I made it through the first 6 days of the 30x30 challenge. If you missed my first post, this is a challenge where I selected 30 items of clothing/shoes (jewelry, cami's and scarves do not count) and I can only wear these items for 30 days. Every 6 days for the next 5 weeks, I will post my outfits that I wore.

I feel this challenge is going to get more and more challenging as I use up all of my initial outfit ideas. I am going to need to start thinking creatively to piece together some different and unique (yet still attractive) outfits from my 30 items. I cannot repeat the same outfit twice, so by week 5 I am suuuure I am going to be sweating bullets over what to wear.

I must say, I realllllly enjoyed the first week of this... some mornings I am lazy and I just want to put on something drab and get myself to work. This challenge forced me to 'pretty' myself up for work, spend time accessorizing and to really think deeply about what to pair together. What was the result? I got a lot of compliments this week on my outfits at work. It is so sweet for someone to give you a compliment and I must say it put me in a wonderful mood all week knowing I was looking my best from minimal items I had pulled from my closet. 

I will say, I am a little stressed about the upcoming weeks... I hope I can keep this up. But, for now... here you go! I have been SO EAGER to show these photos... I really do not think I photograph well, so this was hard for me to do... to put myself out there on the web. But, I did put this on my goal list for 2013 and I wanted to learn to update my closet and my style. So... dum de dum... here they are (don't be too harsh, I am totally not a fashion blogger and I know that! lol!).  

Day 1:

The Gap Mint Striped Shirt, Express Pants in Coral, Ann Taylor Loft Heel Zipper Wedges, Molly Suzanne Simple Bubble Necklace in Coral

Day 2

Hints of Lime in my floral skirt pulled out with the lime green cardigan I am wearing. I also added hints of gold (I am SO in love with gold right now) with my F21 gold belt, Old Navy gold flats, thin gold necklace chain and a lace gold cuff bracelet (see detail shot) from F21.

Day 3


Casual Saturday. I wore an Old Navy white/lavender striped tee with a nice lavender colored cardigan from Ann Taylor Loft. Wore them with my Shade (this is the Gymboree store with Mom clothes!) skinnies and once again I wore my F21 gold belt (LOVELOVELOVE this belt). I wore my gold flats (gold really goes well with lavender!) and in the detail shot you'll see a homemade initial 'C' necklace and a homemade beaded bracelet.

Day 4

Morning at Church. This outfit in entirely from Old Navy! Another COLD and rainy day (its actually spitting rain, but you can't tell in this photo) so I wore tights. So tired of the rain! This white/black striped skirt was sold out on-line, but I found it in the store in one size larger than I normally wear. It seems to fit ok, might be a little long... but, I can roll it up a bit if I wear a different shirt with it. I LOVE this jean jacket I scored at Old Navy before our trip to Paris last summer, I have worn it SO many times. I would say it is a MUST have for your closet!

Day 5


Monday at work. This is similar to the outfit I wore on Easter, except I wore mint skinnies (jeans) and here I am wearing Express ankle pants (can't wear jeans at my job!). I received so many compliments at work on this outfit, which really confirms my belief that mint is really popular right now. The scarf pictured is from Express and the white jacket is from White House Black Market. I love this little white jacket, I bought it with my Chevron maxi dress and I was worried it would only go with that maxi... boy was I wrong! I am finding so many outfits to pair the white jacket with! The mint bubble bracelet is from Molly Suzanne.

Day 6



On Day 6, I decided to wear my ON Navy Polka Dotted Ruffle Tank with my Express Denim Capris. Since we cannot wear sleeveless shirts (and, its COLD) in my office, I paired it with a jade green cardigan. I had to be out of the house at 7:00 a.m. so I twisted my hair (still wet!) and put it back in a clip and added a navy no pressure headband. I love doing my hair like this on early mornings, because my hair is dry by the time I get to work in this up-do and I get SO many compliments on it... and it literally takes me a minute to put it up! I shower everyday so I just don't have time to dry and style my hair every single day... so, this works for me. Also, the last photo I added for fun... it seems my photographer (Brian) was taking photos of my bum and I didn't realize it until I saw this photo on my camera card! Ahh, men. What can I say?!

Lastly, I want to leave you with this little cutie. Yes, we try to take these photos before the kids are awake and out of bed, but Miss Autumn caught us one morning! Look at her face, you can tell its a little bit of puzzlement (WHY is Mommy posing for Brian for silly photos outside THIS early?!) and a little bit of WHY am I not included? She's just so precious, isn't she? :)

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