Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - Week Three Photos

Sunday, May 19, 2013

30x30 Challenge - Week Three Photos

Welcome to Week Three of the 30x30 Challenge, where I selected 30 items (clothes and shoes) from my closet and I am wearing these items exclusively for 30 days! I really thought Week Three would be fairly difficult, but I had a lot of fun trying new ways to wear my clothes! I LOVE Day 15, where I wore a floral shirt with mint ankle pants... something I never would have done! And, Day 18 I love, because I finally tried an all black and white outfit. I am really excited to plow through Week Four and I have several ideas for it already. Next week all of us in the 30x30 Challenge have a little surprise to announce, stay tuned. I also want to give a BIG thanks to Kelly at Mrs In Training for hosting this challenge! And, I can't believe in TWELVE DAYS I will be able to wear ALL my clothes again in my closet!

Day 13

On Day 13, I decided it was time to finally wear my ON royal blue capris. I believe I now have only ONE item I haven't worn yet, a pair of gold heeled shoes. I decided my ON navy polka dot tank with ruffles would go well with the capris. Then, I topped my shirt with a spotted leopard print scarf with blue colors. I am trying to pose a little different so ya'll aren't bored, but its challenging when most of these are taken in my back yard! Here I am smelling a baby rose... I have a lot of rose bushes in my yard and I love to cut one of each kind when they all start blooming in the Spring. Then I can enjoy a vase filled with each rose in my garden every Spring! Oops. I am getting off topic. Ok, on to Day 14!

Day 14

I had SO much fun with Day 14, because my monogrammed shoe clips arrived and I was excited to show them off! These shoe clips can be found at an Etsy store called InitialPerfection, they come in two different fonts (script or block) and a variety of colors. Of course, I went with navy and pink! I can't wait to try out these shoe clips with different shoes and outfits! With this outfit, I wore my floral skirt with a purple cami (cami's don't count as my thirty items, although most of the time I layer them underneath so I hope I am not breaking the rules here!). I then topped the outfit with my light pinkish purple cardigan from LOFT. I am in love with this outfit, it shouts Spring (even though we had summer like temps in the low 90's that day!).

Day 15

Day 15 really hit home for this 30x30 challenge, because when I think mint all I think is pairing it with chambray or coral! I guess black and white could work, too... but, those colors go with anything! What I didn't realize was that a floral shirt with pastel/pale colors would blend so nicely with my mint ankle pants! Then, the floral shirt has a little tan/brown in it so I paired it with a thick brown belt from Target and my brown Ann Taylor wedges. I have had this thick brown belt from Target for awhile and haven't known what to wear it with... but, it looks so cute layered over my shirt! I really feel today was a winwin 30x30 day as I ventured out of my usual choices and went with items I'd never pair my mint ankle pants with! YAY!

Day 16

On Day 16, I took the day off work, because it was Nathan's 7th birthday! I went up to his school to volunteer for May Madness (otherwise known as field day) and then we went to Swing Around Fun Town and road go karts and bumper boats! Probably shouldn't have worn WHITE pants, BUT I am very limited on casual clothes in this competition! I also bought some new jewelry off an Etsy site, mainly a couple of bubble necklaces... One of them is pictured here, it is a really simple navy bubble necklace. I love the simplicity of it and I love the navy necklace on the navy chambray tank.

Day 17


Day 17 was a busy day! Nathan and Autumn both had t-ball games, then we had the school picnic and that night Nathan had all the boys in his class over for a pajama/mini sleep over! I decided to wear the comfiest clothes in my 30 items, a striped ON tee and my Shade skinnies. I paired it with my monogrammed necklace and my F21 gold belt and ON gold flats.

Day 18




On Day 18, I got up and ran a sub 30 5k at 7:30 a.m. and then I went home, took a shower, took a nap (is it really napping if the kids are walking cuddling all over you the entire time?) and then I did my hair and got all dressed up for a little photo session outside! I even used a prop this time, my Tory bag! I have been wanting to try an all white and black outfit for some time (some of the other 30x30 gals have done them) and this is my take on it. I decided to wear my hair up in a fun twist to give it more of a professional look and I wore my gold heels for the first time in this challenge. I just love this black and white striped skirt I scored at ON, it really can be changed up for so many different looks. The beautiful pearl cluster necklace is from Molly Suzanne's and I believe it was one of her items that sold out fast. After Brian took my photos, I switched into some jean shorts and my Warrior Dash tee and relaxed the rest of the day (we had seven 1st grade boys over for Nathan's party the night before!).

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