Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - Week Two Photos

Monday, May 13, 2013

30x30 Challenge - Week Two Photos

Hi everyone! Well, I've survived another week of the 30x30 challenge. If you are new here, this is a challenge where I select 30 items (clothes/shoes) from my closet and wear ONLY these items for 30 days. Please see these posts to catch up:

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Mrs In Training has been hosting this wonderful challenge for us and will be hosting another one in August if you want to try to play along next time.

What did I learn in Week Two? Week Two went by really fast for me... I will say it has been taking me longer in the morning to select what I want to wear and how to accessorize it. Since I am posting these pics on the web, I definitely try to look my best! I wore some items this week that I did not wear yet in week one. And, I still have some items I will be wearing in Week Three that I have not worn yet. I am curious to hear if any of the other 30x30 Challenge ladies have an items they haven't worn yet?  In Week Two I tried to change my hair up a little, I straightened it on Day Eight, I am normally naturally curly. And, on Day Eleven I am sporting a new Ombre look after visiting the hair salon! I had two jeans days and a casual t-ball game filled Saturday this week so some of the looks are a little more casual.

I think I feel confident to face Week three and I have some adorable monogrammed shoe clips arriving in the mail any day and also my first bubble necklaces (yes, I'm behind the bubble jewelry band wagon!). I can't wait to use these accessories with my 30x30 outfits! I have realized in this challenge that I could use more fun belts to play around with... I seem to wear my gold F21 belt a lot, but its really the only fun belt I have. Sigh.

Hope you enjoy these! Day Seven is my least favorite and Day 8, 10 and 11 are my absolute FAVES!

Day Seven

The sun finally came out today and since I hadn't seen the sun in WEEKS due to all of the rain, I am squinting a little in these photos! After I saw how poorly these photos turned out, we decided to move where I stood in the yard so that I wasn't facing directly into the harsh sun. I tried to accessorize with gold and pearls. I wore my floral shirt and white pants from ON and then added my favorite F21 golden belt, my pearl cluster necklace from Molly Suzanne, pearl earrings and a pearl necklace. I wore my Ann Taylor wedges since the white pants are long and I need to wear a heel with them.

Day Eight


On this day, we had a jeans day at work so I decided to wear my ON white skinny capris with a F21 chambray shirt with white polka dots. I saw how Cacey tied her chambray shirt in the front last week and decided to try that out with my shirt and loved how it looked! I also decided to straighten my naturally curly hair, which I haven't done without the help of my hair stylist in YEARS. Cacey told me to spray it a little bit with hairspray before using my Chi to double swipe each section and it really worked! I am now going to try to straighten my hair once a week for something different. I love how much longer my hair is straight and it definitely gives my outfits a different look! With this outfit I wore my Ann Taylor wedges again and I must say I have never met a pair of wedges that are not comfortable.

Day Nine

On Day 9 we had ANOTHER(!!) jeans day at work, so I wore a mint ruffled tank top with a coral cardigan with Shade skinny jeans. I really wanted to wear my white faux diamond flip flops, but we can't have that at work so I wore my gold flats. What I think really pulled this outfit together was my coral stone jewel necklace from Molly Suzanne. Oh, do I love that necklace!

Day Ten

On Day 10 I had two t-ball games to attend, so I pulled out the white sweetheart skinny capris that I had worn on Day Eight (hey, I wear my jeans at least two times before I wash them!). I was excited, because I paired it with my ON sequin top that I had yet to wear! Only to find out that my friend Katie AND my hair dresser have this top, too! What can I say? Its a cute top! Then, I wore my white faux diamond flip flops with the outfit. What did I learn? White pants do not mix well with t-ball game bleachers... messy food and dirt on the bleachers. Bleh. I managed to keep them clean enough. For jewelry I wore some white hooped earrings, my Molly Suzanne shredded wrap bracelet and an old necklace from my teens (now, that's old!).

Day Eleven

Day Eleven was Mother's Day! We had to be at church for Nathan to sing in choir at 8am and we went out to lunch with my family at The Blue Owl at noon. I had Brian take all of my lovely pictures that morning BEFORE we left for church, but... we landed up at The Blue Owl early and there was the river and a gorgeous bridge for a retake session in a nicer location (because, I am sure you are all tired of my back yard by now!). I wore my White House Black Market chevron dress, I bought this dress for when we went to Paris last summer and I LOVE it. I really want to get a few more things for WHBM for my closet, their clothes are just so lovely. I want more! The second picture shows me wearing a jacket I bought there to wear over this dress. I also had my hair done with an ombre (darker on top, fades lighter at the bottom) and I am not sure if you can really tell in this picture... but, I love it so far!

Day Twelve


I finally wore my brown ON capris on Day Twelve and paired a lime green cardigan with a really neat and light scarf my Mom bought me for Mother's Day. I can wear this scarf all different ways, so you may see it pop in again in the next three weeks.


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