Curly Crafty Mom: I suffer from Agenda ADD. (FIRST camping trip with kids!)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

I suffer from Agenda ADD. (FIRST camping trip with kids!)

Nathan has been asking for me to take him camping forever. The last time I camped was in girlscouts in eighth grade. Yep, that was a long time ago! I know several people that have taken their kids to the YMCA camp at Trout Lodge and have had a BLAST. Well, I decided that cheater camping was the perfect way to go for our first family camping trip. Nathan IS a little disappointed that we won't be staying in an actual tent, but the lodge is right off a beautiful lake and there are SO many activities to do there that I think he will be begging us to take him back again very soon!

Some of the activities we had to reserve such as a pontoon boat water fun fight, balloon popping archery or something simple like kite making. But, most of the activities are free for you to pick and choose from. The theme this weekend is Pirates and tomorrow night we will be down by the lakefront joining the other families in a Pirate Luau!

So, since everything has time slots, I decided to pick the activites that I think the kids will enjoy the most (unfortunately, ziplining is for 10 and up!) and make a vague agenda. You all know I love to make lists, well... I also love a GOOD agenda for every trip!

Since I am so excited about this trip I thought I would share our lovely agenda with you. This doesn't even include all the free water activities (canoeing, paddle boating, etc.) and other activities such as a campfire complete with songs and smores, bikes (that they provide), mini golf, etc. I think the kids are going to be a little overwhelmed. Heck, I am.

Did I mention ALL of our food is included, too?!

Well, here is my agenda. I am sure a lot of my friends will snicker when they see this, because they know me oh so well. Yes, I have agenda ADD. Sorry bout that. ;)


10:00am - Kitemaking, Nathan and Auttie

11:00am - Archery Balloon Pop, Me, Brian and Nathan. Auttie watch

Grab lunch somewhere? Waterwheel Country Store?

//CRAFT//((1:00-2:00pm - Leather Working. Make a leather belt, purse, wallet, bookmark, etc.))

2:00pm - Nature Hike, 4th floor Lobby

//CRAFT//((1:00-5:00pm or 6-7:30pm - Ceramics. Fired that night, ready next day at 10:00am))

4:00pm - Pirate Pontoon, Keep water gun!

5:00pm - Bingo, prizes for kids. Meeting Room 5.


6:00pm - Face Painting, Hawkins Pavilion

7:30pm - Pirate Beach Party - TL Waterfront, head down to the beach for Pirate themed Beach Luau!

9:00pm - Evening Telescope Viewing, Activities field (SIGN UP?) Nathan?



Scavenger Hunts 8am-Dusk

9:00am - Geocaching Orientation

9:00-11:00am - Pony rides, kids get a cowboy hat to keep

12:00 - Boat Float (Pontoon tour boat ride, sip a root beer float)


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