Curly Crafty Mom: Ideas for Nathan's 7th Birthday Party

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ideas for Nathan's 7th Birthday Party

Nathan's birthday party is in... 8 days! And, he will be SEVEN years old. Which means... I am just old. Really, I am the Mom of a seven year old? Where on earth has time gone? Nathan is just thrilled to be seven... I don't blame him, I remember being excited at his age for each and every birthday. Nathan has really been wanting a sleep over with some of the boys in his class. Since he is only in 1st grade we decided upon a pajama party in the evening with just the boys in his class (there are 8 boys total if you count Nathan). The party will be from 6:00 until 8:30pm and all the boys will arrive in their PJ's and they can bring a blanket and pillow (we plan to have a pillow fight!). We are going to order pizza and have some snacks for the boys, too... the theme will be ANGRY BIRDS SPACE. We plan to have an Angry Birds obstacle course outside, Brian has a projector that we may project a short movie or even the Angry Birds game(s) for the boys to play... and, I might do a plastic wrap candy ball game. I thought I would write a post, because I need to get my thoughts together for what I need to do this week for the party.

So, let's start...

Balloon Wreath
I lovelovelove making wreaths right now, I made a ballet tulle wreath for Autumn's party and I have been itching to do a balloon wreath. I want to create this wreath in Angry Bird Space colors, though. Thanks to Ashley at Life with Moore Babies for the idea!


I would love to do some balloons like this around the balloon wreath above the snack/dessert table. AND, wouldn't it be cute to get these balloons with helium and then take Nathan outside for photos with them... he could hold 3 bird/piggy balloons in each hand.

Angry Birds Space - Pigs Poster 
I found some posters and clipart of the Angry Birds Space that I will use around the house

Nathan's Birthday Outfit
Party planning for my big  boy. Angry Bird  Space pjs  for his sleepover!  
At Wal-Mart we found Angry Bird Space PJ's! Perfect for the party... I also couldn't resist the Angry Bird swimming trunks! 

I would love to do a pig like this one for the drink, I plan to make my usual frothy sherbert punch.

Angry bird party favors.
I want to have a few snacks for the kids to eat before and after the pizza arrives. I love the 'Bird Poop' idea here, but I will put it in a bowl instead of wrapping up one for each kid.

Pepperidge Farm Goldfish Space Adventures Cheddar Baked Snack Crackers, 6.6 oz 
I also want to put some of these Goldfish Space Adventure crackers in a bowl.

A Bushel: Angry Birds Party 
And, perhaps a healthy snack, too.

I love the idea of these little individual Jello snacks in condiment containers, but I am not sure where I would buy a bunch of condiment containers???

Main Dish
We are going to order Domino's pizza for the party... but, aren't these personalized Angry Birds pizzas cute?

Brian and I plan to create a cake similar to this one... we want to make Angry Bird cake balls for the cake. I think this will be a really fun and fairly simple cake to make for the party.

Curiositaellya: How to Make Mini Banner Topper for a Cake {DIY} 
I also want to experiment with making a bunting for the cake, I haven't done this before but its so popular I want to try it! I love the look!

Besides a pillow fight, I'd love to have some games... one idea I have is this candy ball.

Angry Birds Party 
We are also going to create an Angry Bird Space obstacle course with this at the end of it.

Another idea is the punch box game that we did for Autumn's fourth birthday.


I always love to do a little craft table for the kids, I thought this would be a really fun and easy craft. Do you remember making these when you were little? I do! I might even set some cups on the table so they can stack them up for fun.

Angry Birds Party Cups - 
Another idea I had for a craft... 

Well, that is all for now, I do have an Angry Birds pinterest folder that you can check out. I have a lot of things bought for the party, but its going to be a very busy week leading up to the party and getting everything done! We get the final head count on Saturday and I plan to buy all the kids favors on Sunday. Whew! May is SUCH a busy month with Nathan's birthday and all the end of school stuff!
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