Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 7th Birthday Party with School Friends

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nathan's 7th Birthday Party with School Friends

Last Saturday evening, we threw a birthday party at our house for Nathan's 7th birthday. As I mentioned on here, we had had the boys in his class over for a PJ party and they had fun from 6:00 p.m. until 8:30 p.m. I love the boys in his class, they are such good kids and we all had a blast. I have been really into making wreaths for the kids parties lately and you'll see on my door a twist on the usual balloon wreath. I purchased some Angry Birds duct tape and wrapped it around the wreath on the side and I used Angry Birds Space colors to mix in with the tape. What is nice is I can use Washi or Duct tape later over the Angry Bird tape to change it up, or fill it completely with balloons to use it for future parties. I could even unpin some of the darker colored balloons and put in  girly colors for a future party for Autumn.

I had a lot of fun with the decorations! The party is Angry Birds Space, but we did do some generic Angry Bird decor, too. I found these print and tape balloon decorations online and they were so easy! Brian bought us a helium tank at Wal-Mart and we had LOTS of balloons at this party.

We ordered Domino's Pizza (Nathan's fave) for the meal, but I was glad I had some munchies for the kids prior to the pizza arriving, because 7 year olds are ALWAYS hungry. I love how this Angry Bird veggie tree plate turned out.

Then, we had Gold Fish Space 'Crackers from the moon', regular gummy and sour gummy 'Worms' and M&M's for 'Bird Poop'. I made the tags with stickers instead of doing some fancy ones on the computer, because I ran out of time.

I had planned to help Brian make the cake, but... I had so many other things to get ready for the party. So, he made all of the little fondant birds and pigs and baked the confetti cake, too! Brian is a LIFESAVER for this stuff! I am so pleased with how the cake turned out and each boy was able to have their own fondant bird/pig with their cake.

Then, you'll step outside and see that Brian built an Angry Bird slingshot out of wood! And, he even stained the wood. Ohhhh, did the boys love the slingshot!

Brian taped all of these boxes and set them up and I blew up some PIGS to stick inbetween the boxes.

I painted these kickballs (yes, it was A LOT of work... but, I HAD to have them!) by hand and they were used in the slingshot to knock down the boxes. The kickballs also served as a favor, because each boy got to take one ball home.

I did some simple Angry Bird decorations on the patio.

When the boys started arriving, Nathan was SO EXCITED. ALL the boys were excited! Here is Nathan with some of the boys on the porch swing, eating their pizza.

Nathan with one of his good friends on his battery car

The first thing the boys wanted to do after they had eaten pizza was to play the Angry Birds slingshot game. I broke the boys up into two teams to see which team could hit down the most boxes.

Autumn was good at running and getting the balls back for them. She was so excited to help Mommy out!

The boys LOVED putting the pigs back in the boxes


Just a couple more pics of the slingshot

After the game, we had a silly string fight. We had a couple bottles for each kid, so it was quite a mess! Brian got out there with them, I stayed back and took pictures.

The boys even went after poor Auttie! She couldn't figure hers out!

Brian cheated and put a box on his head while he fired his


My poor yard!

I did get the boys settled down for a group picture (except, Nathan isn't looking!). I love this picture!

We also had all the boys bring a pillow from home so that they could have a pillow fight. I really do not know what I would have done if it had rained! The boys had so much fun playing outside.


After ALLLLL of that, the boys decided to play with the boxes themselves. You can see Nathan's face in the top photo, he's inside a box!

I told the boys to go inside, that we would open gifts. Unfortunately, in the 1 minute it took me to usher all of the boys inside... the gifts had ALL been unwrapped! I was a little sad that I didn't get to see Nathan open his presents, so next time I will be sure to put them up until its time to open them! Here is a group photo of all of the kids with Nathan by his cake.


The birthday boy by his cake and blowing out candles. I cannot believe Nathan is seven, where does time go? I have a very special birthday post to do still from his actual birthday, which was on May 17th (Friday).

After cake and icecream, the boys all checked out Nathan's room ("You have the BEST room ever!", etc.) and we popped some kettle corn and set up the projector for a special movie for the kids. My friend Jen suggested this and it was a lifesaver in getting the boys to calm down and rest a little before their parents picked them up. All in all it was a great party, one of the boys even cried when he had to go home which meant Brian and I did a superb job at getting this party together!
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