Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's Birthday Chain

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Nathan's Birthday Chain

Every year when Nathan's birthday rolls around, he reminds me that it is time to make his birthday chain! We worked on his chain tonight and taped it on his closet door so he can take a link off every night before bed. I cannot believe my first baby is going to be SEVEN this month! What I would give to relive one little day of him as a baby again... it is starting to feel like those days were SO long ago! 

Pulling a link off. 

Here is Nathan with his 2012 birthday chain, he was 5 soon to be 6 years old.

2011 birthday chain. Nathan is 4, going to be 5. He is Autumn's age here! Just unreal... This was the first year we did the birthday chain.

It is cute how the birthday chain has become a tradition for Nathan. We haven't made one for any of Autumn's birthdays, she doesn't remind me and I forget. She is always really interested in Nathan's chain, though.
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