Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot #13 - Mother's Day Edition

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Trendy Tot #13 - Mother's Day Edition

trendy tot

I am excited to join in with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan (plus guest host Amanda!) for Trendy Tot #13, this is the third time I have participated in this link up party. I am sure I will not be the only Mom posting photos from Mother's Day today for Trendy Tot. You can read all about my wonderful Mother's Day here, but I only included a sampling of photos from the day in that post... why? Because I wanted to save the majority of the photos for Trendy Tot! We arrived to lunch 30 minutes early, so all of these photos are taken by the river in Kimmswick, MO.

After I had gotten several pics of the kids under the tree with me and them, me & Brian and them and me & my Mom and them (whew! that's a lotta pictures!), I told them to jump down from the bench for fun. Nathan was all on it, but Autumn was too scared to jump down! Poor little thing!

If you are a boy Mom, you know that boys love to jump off of just about anything.

We then headed to the bridge to look out over the water.

If you have read my Mother's Day post, you'll know that the kids were super duper sweet to me on Mother's Day. Don't think they are angels, I can recall a Mother's Day where Autumn melted which caused me to melt. Not all Mother's Days are perfect. It's really just another day in Mommahood. 

This photo really sums up Nathan. He has a silly and dorky little personality. I am really not sure what he is doing here, but when I saw this on my camera roll it made me laugh. So, it definitely deserved a space on my blog.

Autumn didn't really like being 'on' the bridge. So, she ran off it as soon as Mommy got her precious Mother's Day photos.

And there she goes. Don't worry, Grandpa was at the end of the bridge, ready to snatch her up.

She stopped to twirl around in her dress. The rest of these photos will be of Autumn, because Brian and Nathan were throwing pebbles into the river.

Finally tired, Autumn sat down next to a yellow pole. Here is a close up of Autumn's hair bow. Autumn's dress and bow are from Mellon Monkeys, an Etsy store.

Autumn just sat there and played with these two little sticks you see on her knee.

On our walk to the restaurant, Autumn found some tall grass/weeds. I told her to get out of them and this is the face she gave me when she saw me taking her picture in them! ha!

I LOVE this photo where she has two fistfuls of weeds!

Trudging through weeds taller than her legs. Ha, ha!

Well, that is it! Thanks for following along with me for Trendy Tot Tuesdays and I hope all of you that are Mother's had a wonderful Mother's Day! Next week I am hoping to do a little post on what makeup I bought for Autumn's dance recital and how I applied them. You'll also see her in her beautiful dance recital costume! We did a little photo shoot of her in it in the back yard and all of he neighbors were oooooo'ing and ahhhhh'ing at her!   

Gymboree bright green shirt
Gymboree khaki pants
Stride Rite shoes 

Mellon Monkeys dress and hair clip
Old Navy pink pom pom shoes
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