Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot #14 - Autumn's Dance Recital Costume

Monday, May 20, 2013

Trendy Tot #14 - Autumn's Dance Recital Costume

trendy tot

I am excited to join in with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan for Trendy Tot #14, this is the fourth time I have participated in this fun party where we show off our stylish Tots!

Last week, Autumn had her photos taken at her dance studio with her cute little recital costume on. Of course, it was beautiful outside so I took her out in the backyard to get some of my own candid shots. I LOVE how they turned out. Isn't she adorable? (I know, I am her Mom, but she really is!)

Red is definitely a good color on this girl! Sometimes Autumn can be really uncooperative for photos, but when this beautiful dress on she couldn't help it... she had to give me huge smiles!

She came home with a letter that told me what makeup she needed for her recital. It was E.L.F. products, but a few stores I checked did not have the colors she needed. Sooo. I ordered the makeup online and it came in rather quickly! I have never used E.L.F. products before,  but they are really inexpensive and are supposed to be fairly good. This was the first time I put makeup on her and I think it went ok. Luckily I use the quad eyeshows on myself, so I knew how to apply it to her lids and brow bone. She got a touch of lipstick, blush (no foundation) and waterproof mascara (no eyeliner or eyebrow pencil).

I love how she has her little arms crossed in this photo. 

Autumn LOVES to make silly faces. 

Detail shot. I love this dress! I still have a box of ALL of my recital costumes that my Mom sewed and kept for me! Autumn loves to go through this box and I can't wait to start her own box (except, I am not sewing her dresses like my Mom did with mine!).


Bunching up her skirt.


Gosh this girl is silly :) Look at her face in the first photo... 

Tapping away!

Back view

So proud of my little girl, she is almost done with her first year of dance! I remember signing her up at her dance school and being so nervous, because she would go in a room alone with the teacher and other students and I wouldn't be in there with her. But, she did SO well and in the two watch classes where I did get to see her perform, she did amazing!
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