Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot #15 - Lace and White Capris

Monday, May 27, 2013

Trendy Tot #15 - Lace and White Capris

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend and a HUGE thanks to all the families out there with loved ones that have served or are serving in the military. I am forever thankful for what they have done for us. I cannot imagine what some families have had to give up or lose in order for their loved ones to protect our nation.

I am a little behind on some blog posts... we went out of town this weekend to the Ozarks to finally check out the beautiful and family friendly YMCA camp at Trout Lodge. I also have some misc. posts that I haven't gotten up yet such as the Make Tracks at the Zoo race that Brian and I and the kids also participated in. May is such a busy month! But, I wanted to get a fun little Trendy Tot post in, since Autumn wanted me to take her picture (GASP) in the backyard this weekend!

trendy tot

I am excited to join in with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan for Trendy Tot #15, this is a fun party where we show off our stylish Tots!

I have been trying to update Autumn's wardrobe for the Spring, she is still outgrowing a size every year. Nathan has slowed down and I am getting about 2 years of wear out of his stuff, still. Today I am sharing a cute little outfit I just bought for Autumn from Old Navy. I am trying to get the kids outfits figured out for when we go to Disney in a month and although I doubt she will wear this outfit to Disney, I couldn't resist it. She is wearing ON's Lace-Front Flutter Tank in Coral and Braided-Trim Denim Capris in the color Calla Lilly.

This girl has been really interested in posing for me lately, well... most of the time. She even found this baby rose as a prop for her little Trendy Tot photo session. Gosh, I love her brown eyes and big smile.

This lace tank seems more like a shirt than a tank top to me. It is really thick yet light enough to breath and I think she will wear it a lot this Spring. The coral color must have been popular, because it is sold out. I would actually love a top like this just for me! Unfortunately, the grown up version of it was sold out when I put in the order for hers.

I love that there are so many nice places in my backyard to do little photo session. The white capris she is wearing are great for this cool Spring. This has been a cool and rainy Spring and it is too cold in the morning to put shorts on her, but capris work out just perfect. I did buy some pretreatment bleach spray just for these white capris AND for mine! They seem to pick up A LOT of dirt on the bum very easily, so I try to pretreat each time before I wash it so they stay nice and white.

Aut-smelling-rose Rose-on-side-of-face
Such a cutie, I really did luck on getting her to cooperate for these great poses! Candid ones are always the best :)

The white sandals are Stride Rites (my favorite preschool school!) and they are really comfortable ones with lots of cushion on the inside part of the sandal. My Mom picked these up for Autumn at Baby Mania for $2.00! They were like new! 

So, how much did this cute little outfit cost me? Not much! 

Lace-Front Flutter Tank - $7.75 ($6.20 after 20% off)
Braided-Trim Denim Capris - $15.00 ($12.00 after 20% off)
Stride Rites (Used, but LIKE NEW) - $2.00
Old Navy Rewards Card Discount (get this if you have a card with them): MINUS 15.00

Total: $5.22 after all discounts. NOT BAD for a cute outfit!
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