Curly Crafty Mom: 30x30 Challenge - Week Five Photos - Winner Announced!

Monday, June 3, 2013

30x30 Challenge - Week Five Photos - Winner Announced!

For *obvious* reasons, week five (the last week!) was the most difficult week for me. I couldn't remember what I had worn with what... and, I was really starting to miss my old clothes! But, I got through it and I really think I will be up for trying this challenge again in August. Now... I just need to figure out what the kids and I are going to wear on our upcoming Disney trip!!

My favorites this week were Day 27, Day 28 and Day 30!

I will leave you with what I learned from this challenge and what I plan to do next, I kept it simple with five items for both... although, I could go on and on for both of these questions!

What did I learn from the 30x30 challenge?
1. How to mix patterns
2. Make better use of my jewerly and determine what I still need
3. How to wear pieces differently (ie: below I took the tie off my shirt and wore it as a belt, wearing a maxi dress as a skirt instead of as a dress, etc.)
4. I was forced to look my best for 30 days, I really tried my best to look 'cute'
5. That it really is possible to live off of 30 items for 30 days!

What do I plan to do next?
1. I plan to join Kelly in her 30x30 challenge in August
2. I am planning to do more fashion posts (just one outfit)
3. I want to join Stitch Fix in July. I will post the five items the clothing stylists select for me every month and which piece(s) I plan to keep
4. I feel I need to update my 'weekend wear' and hope to get some new pieces before we leave for Disney. My closet is mostly work clothes! I want to wear something other than jeans and a tee (or sweats!) every weekend.
5. I am missing some shoes and jewelry that I still need and plan to purchase these items over time. For instance, I don't have a pair of nude heels!

NOW, you are probably wondering who the winner is of the giveaway! You will find that at the bottom of the post... And, ANOTHER thanks to Kelly for getting this 30x30 Challenge together!

Day 25

I think I have only worn this green Gap shirt one other time in the challenge. It has a string that you tie around the waste and I decided to be adventurous and take the string off the shirt, tuck the shirt in and use the string as a belt. I LOVE this shirt even more now! I think it looks so playful with the tie as a belt.

Day 26


Finally had to have one of these... #sidewaycross #turq
One thing I did not get to do during this challenge was wear my F21 chambray polka dot shirt with these mint ankle pants. I decided to wear the chambray tank instead this day since I knew my daughter had t-ball practice after work (and its HOT!). I can't wear sleeveless shirts at work, so I paired it with the white jacket at work. I wore my mini bubble necklace (mint colored) and I love how it goes over the chambray tank. Also, you'll see my sideways cross bracelet that I ordered off of Etsy. It was WAY too big for my tiny wrists, so when I cut it the beads went everywhere (of course), so Brian was kind enough to fix it for me! Gotta love him! :) Now it fits perfectly and I can enjoy wearing it!

Day 27



This is my absolute favorite outfit this week! I am REALLY digging these coral pants, even more so than my mint ones! And... I have never tried a black shirt with coral, but WOW it really does pop the coral color! My work is cold, so of course I paired the outfit with my jean jacket. I love the necklace I am wearing which also has little pops of coral on it, I mentioned it in previous posts that it is from Molly Suzanne. I also wore my leopard print belt since I have brown shoes on and a black shirt. It seemed to all go together well!

Day 28

On Day 28, I got a lot of compliments on the royal blue cardigan I was wearing. I loved this outfit, because it was so comfortable and I really like how the blue polka dots on the tank under my cardigan and the blue in the simple bubble necklace matched the cardigan. The white pants really made the blue bluer and I felt they were great summer colors. I don't normally tuck in cardigans, but I love how it looks with this outfit and I think I will try tucking in cardigans more often.

Day 29

Most of the 30 items I selected were business casual work clothes, so I was really limited on what I had available to wear on the weekends. This outfit isn't super exciting, just my ON purple striped shirt with my ON white skinny capris. I put my hair up, because it was raining all morning (my hair is naturally curly, so I didn't want it to frizz) and we had a scout event outside later (thankfully it stopped raining) that we were going to. Although, white pants are tricky to wear when you are going to be outside, I think I will avoid wearing them outside in the future!

Day 30 (I DID IT!)


Well, I did it! DAY 30! On Day 30, we were planning to go strawberry picking that morning, so I got ALL dressed up in this chambray shirt, cardigan, skirt and heels, went outside for a photo and then took it ALL off and put something comfy on! Heck yeah! I really loved this outfit, it would be great for work or church. I love how I mixed two different patterns, the dots on my chambray shirt and the stripes on the skirt. I wish I would have had a white bubble necklace in full size, but this mint mini bubble necklace looks ok, I think. I can see myself wearing this outfit again very soon!

The $60 Fashion Giveaway winner has been chosen!  Congratulations, Betsy!  You'll be receiving an email shortly with details on how to get your prize!
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