Curly Crafty Mom: Father's Day Recap (Better late than never!)

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Father's Day Recap (Better late than never!)

I am a little late on recapping Father's Day, but I didn't want to miss out on a wonderful opportunity to gloat on Brian... so, here it is :) If you know me or have been a follower of my blog for awhile, you'll know that I am remarried and Brian became a father to Nathan and Autumn last year. Since the kids were with their Dad on Father's Day, I decided to celebrate with Brian and the kids one night before Father's Day. Brian has been so good for me and the kids... he spends a lot of one on one time with the kids--heck, he is teaching Nathan how to computer program already and loves to let Autumn help him in the kitchen, he cooks, helps with baths and the sickies... does all the grocery shopping (!!) and he is great with teaching the kids manners and respect, too! He even started the kids on daily vitamins and has really helped Nathan get past being so picky and even the doctor told us that Nathan's weight percentile is doing much better! I am in awe everyday, he does so much for us that sometimes I seriously cry tears of joy. A lot of people tell me that I am a 'super' mom (which, btw, I so do not feel like a supermom most days!), but I so pale in comparison to how much Brian rocks as a Dad This man would truly do anything for us and I love him for it. We love you Brian and Happy Father's Day!

Brian has been really into working out lately so the kids each picked out one workout outfit (sorry they aren't Under Armour brand, baby! but, you do workout in the basement!) and a Cardinals, turquoise polo and a Mickey Mouse shirt (we're going to Disney soon!). But, ohhh... if you look in the picture, there is also one other special gift that we got Brian (Nathan also let out the secret and told Brian early, but oh well! ha, ha!).

I have to remind Brian to buy new shoes, he will wear them until they dissolve. So, Nathan had a great idea to get Brian New Balance shoes to match the New Balance shoes he just got! So, now Brian and Nathan have sort of matching New Balance shoes and of course Autumn had to show off her rainbow New Balance shoes in this picture, too! Of course, I am sticking to my Brooks, so no New Balance for me! Although, I'd love a new pair of Sperrys if I could only decide on what color combo I want!

Isn't this card cute? It was a free printable on That's What Che Said, Cheryl is a fellow St. Louis blogger and her crafty DIY website is one of my all time faves! 

Inside of card, both kids signed it themselves and Autumn even drew some beautiful flowers for Brian!

I wanted to get a cute photo of the kids with Brian, BUT instead the kids thought it'd be more fun to climb alllll over Brian. ha! After opening gifts we went out to eat at Cracker Barrel, it was a work night (for me and Brian) and Cracker Barrel is a hop, skip and jump from our house. Yum!


Egg Benedict with filet mignon #fathersdaybrunch #flemings 
On Father's Day, we took Brian and my Dad out for a Father's Day brunch at Flemings. They had a special menu and I tried a bellapolitan martini and filet mignon eggs benedict. I actually prefer my filet well done, so the waitress brought me out a new dish with it well done! I didn't even ask her, she just noticed it was more on the medium side and I had asked for well! That place is awesome! I didn't take a photo of my dessert, but it was a turtle pie. I love anything turtle! It was wonderful to spend some time with my parents, brother and Brian at brunch on Father's Day. I am so thankful for all of them!
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