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Friday, June 21, 2013

Five on Friday

The last couple of Fridays I have done a Friday Ramblings post and to my surprise there is actually a Friday Five link up... sooo, today I am linking up for Friday Five!

1. Pinterest and Foodie/Wine Evening with Friends. This weekend I am having a few friends over for a Pinterest party, complete with food and wine! We are all making some delicious food to munch on and I am hoping to share the recipe I selected with you next week. I am probably the craftiest friend of the bunch, so they are all depending on me for tips. Ha! The craft I selected on Pinterest involves wine corks and since I only have a handful of them around the house, I hope to buy some in bulk at HobLobs (I know Target def. has them!). I wanted to share this gorgeous ombre heart I saw on Pinterest, ohhhh... if only I had a gazillion used wine corks so I could do an ombre with pale colors of pink blending to red and burgundy. Unfortunately, the store bought wine corks aren't used. Boo.
ombre heart

Don't worry, I hope to share highlights of the crafts and food from the party and what we all end up with! Should be fun as this is my first Pinterest partay!

2. We also have Brian's class reunion this weekend. GULP! He went to Lutheran North and I went to Lutheran South, so it'll be kinda fun to see a Lutheran North reunion. I just wish Brian would find out if its inside or out so I can start planning what I will wear! I do know he spent $75 a pop on each of our tickets, so I am really hoping dinner is nice?!

3. Fruit My Cube. At work, we can order a fruit box, a mini fruit box, a veggie crate or a qbuddy box on a weekly basis from a company called Fruit My Cube. The fruit and veggies are grown in Belleville on a farm and the qbuddy is a box of snacks from local businesses. I have ordered from them in the past and just recently decided to try them out again. A couple of weeks ago I got the qbuddy (local snacks) box and I LOVED it! 



This is what the qbuddy box included:
Gooey Butter Popcorn - Messy, but OH so good. I was excited to finally try something from POPtions!
Cinnamon Almonds - There was a very generous coating on these almonds!
Kicker Chips - These were very HOT and spicy, but I love spicy!

Honey Cookies (2) - I like chewier cookies, these were a little bland and stiff
Hand Iced Cookie - Delicious, shared half with Bri.
Caramel Pecan Turtle - THE best turtle I've ever had, shared half with Brian
1 Banana and 1 California Peach

I got the mini fruit box this last week and it was delicious and I ate all of the fruit (minus an orange I gave Brian) in one work week. I love how it encourages me to eat more fruits! In the picture it is missing 1 plum and 1 tangerine I had already eaten. Chomp! I am not sure if I'll order it this next week, but I think I may order it a couple times a month. I did order the veggie crate once and I felt overwhelmed with the amount of veggies in it (they give you A LOT)!

4. Need to get stuff done! I am going to kiss my babies goodbye on Saturday at their games and then I won't see them for an entire week. Sniff! They are going on vacation to the lake with their Dad and then once I get them back we will be headed to Disney. I must say, aren't they lucky to be going on two vacations in one month? The only other time I haven't seen them for an entire week is when Brian and I went to Paris. The kids keep me busy, so I am hoping to compile a HUUUGE to do list in the week that they are gone. I really have a lot of things I need to do that I've been skimping on! Plus, it'll get my mind off not seeing them everyday! I have a goal to get mostly everything packed for Disney, I still need to put away their school stuff they brought home, I need to start on the first book cover for my brother, finish some decorating odds and ends and then I also want to enjoy some down time as I pretty much have the kids non-stop during the school year. Brian and I have a sunset paddle boat ride planned at the Boathouse in Forest Park, we have done it in the past and its SUPER romantic.They even pack you a bottle of wine and a picnic basket with snacks and sandwiches.

Here is a photo I took last year on our sunset paddle boat ride... I think the Grand Basin is the most beautiful sight in St. Louis during a sunset.

I'm also supposed to get my hair done on Saturday, but I may cancel as I feel I don't need it touched up yet with the ombre I had done. Since my ombre matches my natural color/roots I have no grow out. Kinda nice. If I do go, I'll have her touch up the top so its darker as I think the ombre is pretty subtle right now.

Saturday is Autumn's last t-ball game for the summer, I took some pictures of the kids playing and I need to get them up on the blog still.

Also, while I am at Disney, I would love to have some Guest Posts from my fellow readers. This is a free way that you can promote your blog and I will benefit in that my blog have something on the week that I am gone. Please send me an email if you are interested and we can discuss. I have TWO people signed up already. :)

5. Beauty Regime. I am so bad about using the same makeup for years and years. I know there are a lot of new face products out there and new products for my naturally curly hair and for straightening it. But I haven't ventured out to try any of them and I've been stuck in a rut. I feel it would be refreshing to change it up a bit every once in awhile. I feel so b.o.r.i.n.g. So, I think I have a new goal. I will try ONE new beauty product every month. I am actually really excited about this, its going to be fun to break out of my normal beauty regime and to try some other highly rated products. If I find anything I really like, I promise I'll share. :)
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