Curly Crafty Mom: Friday Ramblings #2.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Friday Ramblings #2.

I had so much fun with my Friday Ramblings last week, that I think I am going to try to make this a weekly dig.

1. This 3 day weekend will be a fun one, let me break it down by day:

Friday: Hoping to get a morning run in. Volunteer at Vacation Bible School (VBS), I think I am going to be with Nathan's class... since my Mom is helping with Auttie's. I am excited to do this, even if it's just one day. Then, I am going to plant my annual flowers (yes, I am so behind on that!) and go shopping for some Disney trip clothes for me and Nathan at F21, Old Navy and Crazy 8.

Saturday: Hoping to get a workout with weights in this morning. The kids both have t-ball games. Hoping to start on a gallery wall in the living room, something like one of these (if I can ever decide). I also need to measure in the Master bathroom, so I can order a wooden monogram (found them super cheap here) that I plan to paint and attach to a canvas. Then, Saturday evening we are going on a double date with Brian's friend and his wife to Kobes (one of those Japanese stir fry places where you sit around the table and they cook for you) and after that we plan to go to the theater in St. Louis (Galaxy?) that has the extra comfy seating and food/drink service to see Superman! Yeah!

Sunday: Father's Day! We are going to brunch at Flemings Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar. Did I mention that the menu has Eggs Benedict with choice of sliced filet mignon or smoked salmon? YUM! Sunday evening I have ZERO plans, so I may work on the kids Disney Mail for our upcoming Disney trip and do a little early packing.

2. I just finished Fifty Shades of Grey. I am glad I read it, even though most of my friends that have read it have either loved or HATED it. Yes, the writing is not the best. Yes, she repeats a lot of phrases such as how many times does Christian cock his head or how many times does Ana bite her lip? Yes... ohhhh, yesssss. there is A LOT of sex. I wasn't expecting that much, but oh yeah... I would say 70% of the book is them messing around or thinking about it. I would say the other 20% is of Christian and Ana emailing each other. The other 10% is well... normal stuff you'd expect in a book. lol. But, oh, I hate to tell you haters out there... I hate to disappoint you, but... I'm sucked in, I must read the second book. Most of the lovers of this book have told me the second book is the BEST of the series, so... I will be starting Fifty Shades Darker. What can I say? Its a nice, light and fluffy and a perfect summer read! Laters, baby.

3. Running update... so, I'm trying to average about 18 miles every week right now. I don't do races in June, July or August PERIOD. Too hot, too humid. Every time I've tried, I did AWFUL and felt awful. I was thinking of doing a Father's Day race, but decided against it. My next scheduled race is in October and its the Rock N Roll half, but I plan to run some shorter races in the fall, too! So, I was looking at my calendar yesterday and saw that half marathon training starts NEXT month! Yikes! On another note, I've noticed (of course) how buff Brian is getting with all his weights he does downstairs and I've asked him to develop a girly weight training program for me. I want some triceps (Brian, if you are reading this, how is that coming???)!

4. Book Covers. My brother is hiring me again to do some book covers for him! I will be doing 6 book covers in all and he is paying me rather generously, which is so sweet of him! Here is a link to some of the old book covers I did for him (the blue and red ones), but this will be a new series so they will have a new color and overall look. I really haven't done any graphic design work in awhile, so this will be fun, fun, fun!

5. Fall Activities. We are starting to think about Fall activities for next year already and I will say last year we spent almost every night running the kids to this activity or that. Brian and I are almost to the point where we just want quality time with the kids at home instead of doing all of these activities. When we would get a rare night at home (practice rained out, etc.) it was SO nice. I do enjoy the activities, but with the normal bed time stuff (homework, dinner, bath)... I feel its exhausting! I have heard of families taking an ENTIRE year off from activities and I have wondered what that would feel like... would it be AWESOME, or would it seem weird? Do I have the courage to do that? Would the kids be disappointed or would they miss out? If anyone has done this or has any thoughts on it, I would love to hear it. We are so undecided on what to do.
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