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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Mickey Count Down Chain

Well, believe it or not (ha!)... I have another Disney craft to share with ya'll! 

I actually made this AFTER I spent a good amount of time wrapping all of the kids Mickey Mail. This is a count down chain and the kids rip one link off every day until its time to leave for Disney!

I looked on Pinterest for some ideas and decided I wanted to do the Mickey ears and buttons for the top of it. Then, I just used Mickey colors for the rest of the chain. It was SO easy to make and it really helps calm the "When are we going to Disney? When, when, WHEN?!!!!" questions from the kids. I let Nathan and Autumn take turns every day tearing off a link, because there was no way I was going to make two of these chains for each of them (unless they want to make their own!).


Here is a close up of the chain. I had leftover Mickey ears from the Mickey Mail, so it was nice to use them again on the chain. You'll see that each one has a silver number on it to let my 7 year old (4 year old doesn't care) how long we have till the trip.

You could do this one of two ways:
1. Put the day of the month on each link

2. Number it down from how many days until the trip

Then, hang it up and enjoy the fun! I had Mickey bring the kids each a notebook, stickers and a pen the same day I hung up the chain... it was sort of magical in that they thought Mickey had stopped by! Awh! 

I was planning to do a Mickey themed dinner the night before our flight, BUT this Momma is running out of time. Soooooo. We're just going to hit Cracker Barrel and then HIT the bed, because we have to head to the airport in the middle of the night! Bleh!

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