Curly Crafty Mom: Mickey Mail is on its way!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Mickey Mail is on its way!

We are counting down the days until Disney and Mickey has been working on some very special mail for two lucky kids. I had never heard of Mickey Mail, until I found it on Pinterest... and, what don't you find on Pinterest? Basically, you buy some inexpensive gifts, wrap them up and then they 'appear' in your hotel room each day you are at Disney. They can contain a letter or just special wrapping paper, but the important thing is that they are from Mickey himself. Soooo. Since this is my kids first trip to Disney, I thought ohhh why not jump on the Mickey Mouse Mail train.

Over the last year, I have been collecting misc. Disney stuff from holiday aisles, several Dollar stores, Target, etc. I found a lot of things for Autumn, but Nathan was a little harder since I didn't want the stuff to be babyish, he isn't really into art and his HUGE Pixar Cars phase has long passed. I found Disney wash cloths (the ones that come as a block and turn into a wash cloth when it becomes wet), band aids, nerf gun, bubbles, etc. Just little things that are really and truly junk (just being honest here), but the kids will look forward to the surprise of them each and every morning.

I finally drug out the Cricut from Christmas that I hadn't used yet and printed some Mickey tags. And, no, I don't have manly man hands, those are Brian's (and, don't worry, I cropped out his boxer shorts! lol! Brian helped me figure out the Cricut!).

The little Mickey Mouse cutouts made perfect tags for me to number the gifts for each day. So, Day #1 got a Mickey Mouse tag with a #1 on it. 

And, here ya go... all of our Mickey mail! I got the red with white polka dots and black with white polka dots wrapping paper at Hobby Lobs.


I used the black/white polka dots paper for Nathan's gifts and the red/white polka dots for Autumn's gifts. Now, I just need to figure out how to surprise them with the gifts every morning without getting caught! I am having so much fun with this pre-planning for the Disney trip. Yay!

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