Curly Crafty Mom: My Style Monday: Lace and Navy

Sunday, June 23, 2013

My Style Monday: Lace and Navy

This is actually an outfit I wore last week, but I have been saving it for My Style Monday that Lindsey and Rachel host every Monday. I found this white and navy striped shirt with lace on the shoulders at my last Forever 21 run. There is actually a MEGA Forever 21 store called XXI in one of our fancier malls in St. Louis. You could spend hours in this store... heck, you could even get lost in it.

Actually, I really could have gotten lost in this store, I guess... because, check this out... I went in the dressing room to try on some things and I realized after I had closed the door (and it self locks), that the handle was missing for me to get back out! I tried pushing on the door, but it wouldn't unlock! I was stuck! I actually took a photo of it, because it was so funny... ya know, being stuck in a dressing room and all. Luckily, when I knocked and asked for help out, there was a dressing room lady right there to help get me out. LOL. It didn't stop me from texting this photo to Brian (he was shopping elsewhere, since he knew I'd be in XXI for at least an hour or more!).

I wore this outfit to work and everyone loved the lace on the shoulders. Its a nice subtle touch of lace at my casual work place. I did get another shirt that is almost entirely lace, that I hope to show off sometime soon.

This shirt is a small, but not super form fitting, so I knew I would have to tuck it in than leave it out. I paired it with a denim flowing Old Navy skirt. I really think the skirt picks up the navy stripes in the shirt. Also, I loved how comfortable this outfit was at work.

On another visit, I got this gold crusted lace bracelet at Forever 21. I am in love with this bracelet, I wear it at least three times a week, it goes with SO much. I think I am just in love with everything gold and everything lace right now. I also wore my sapphire ring surrounded by small diamonds that Brian got me when we were dating before he left for England for a week for work. Awh! This ring is so dear to me and it really goes well with this outfit.


I wore my gold shoes with these fabulous monogrammed shoe clips that I purchased from Initial Perfection. I posted these when I wore them for my 30x30 challenge and I thought they would go really well with this outfit. I love wearing monogrammed apparel right now!

Lace Sleeved Shirt with Navy and White Stripes: Forever 21
Flowing Denim Skirt: Old Navy, last year
Gold Flat Shoes: Old Navy
Monogrammed Shoe Clips: Initial Perfection
Gold Lace Bracelet: Forever 21
Sapphire Ring: Helzberg Diamonds
Silver Necklace: Express

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