Curly Crafty Mom: Nathan's 7! A year in review.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Nathan's 7! A year in review.

May is always such a hectic month, with t-ball starting up, school finishing up, dance finishing up, Nathan's birthday, Memorial Day weekend, etc. etc. I feel awful that I haven't gotten Nathan's birthday post up yet (I did get the party post up, though!).

Nathan has grown and changed so much in the last year. He has turned into such a loving, caring and thoughtful person. I feel that Nathan and I have a lot of similar personality traits in that he's a 'rule follower', he is good about asking for permission first, if given several options he cannot decide... and, he can be a little worry wart. :) 

He has learned to read in the last year and has done really well in school with straight A's every quarter except the last where he got one B+. Nathan loves Math and Science over Art and loves learning how things come together to work. He has started to make friends in school instead of just playing in one big group, especially with Kent, Dylan and Lainie. Out of school activities have included soccer, t-ball and he participated in cubscouts this year. 

Nathan loves cuddle time before bed and has a ton of favorite stuffed animals he sleeps with. He also loves all of his games with silly names on his iPad (currently he loves Plants vs. Zombies and some sort of singing Monster game). Nathan loves theme parks, roller coasters and swimming. He loves to collect little treasures such as coins, shells, cards, etc. He plays really well with his sister at times and at other times they fight and argue (that's normal, right?). Nathan's favorite food is hamburgers, green beans, chicken noodle soup (esp. from Panera), fish sandwiches and hot fundge sundaes.

How did we spend Nathan's 7th birthday? I took the day off work and spent the day volunteering at school for their May Madness (field day). I was in charge of keeping time and the scores, so I was able to walk around and see him at each activity. After May Madness (it was a half day of school), Nathan wanted a butter burger at Culvers for lunch and then we spent several hours at Swing Around Fun Town. Nathan found the perfect bumper boat that had a water gun on it at a level that he could soak me, Auttie and Brian perfectly. He called it 'his boat'! We also did the batting cages and go karts... then we came home and he opened gifts. His big gifts were a battery car (no, not one of those $300+ ones, this one was $70) and the Mine Train big lego set! I also snuck an itunes gift card in his birthday card and he LOVED it and spent days trying to figure out which games he wanted to buy on his iPad with it. All in all a wonderful birthday with lots of time with my favorite seven year old on this planet!

Here is Nathan sleeping the night before he turned 7! I love taking these photos every year.

And, now... a year in review of Nathan.

June 2012
Nathan went on his FIRST rollercoaster ride, The Mine Train with Brian at Six Flags. He worried and worried about it and finally gained the courage to go on it. I was SO proud of him! He just LOVED the experience and talked about it... well, he's still talking about it!

July 2012
 Nathan finished up t-ball last summer and was awarded with his trophy.

August 2012
Nathan lost his first tooth!

September 2012
Nathan starts soccer and they win their first tournament.

October 2012
Brian and I got married and Nathan was our ring bearer. He also got to ride in a limo for the first time and said a bible verse at our wedding.

November 2012
Nathan gets to ride in a limo again, but this time its a Hummer limo! He won this limo ride to Happy Joe's pizza for selling LOTS of magazines for a fund raiser at school. He still talks about this as being one of the best days at school EVER!

December 2012
Nathan was especially attached to Elfie this year and was really sad when he had to go. I wonder if he will still believe in Elfie's magic next year.

January 2013
Nathan participated in his first Pinewood Derby race with his Batman themed car and won third place!

February 2013
Nathan's first dance at school for Valentine's Day. He rocked out to Gangnam Style and they played some fun games such as dressing each other up in toilet paper.

March 2013
We went to the City Museum and look at how high up he is in their outdoor play area? I have a HUGE fear of heights, so Brian had to go up there with him. And, he tells me he is afraid to get on a plane to go to Disney? Seriously! That is a piece of cake compared to all of the crazy (and HIGH up!) things they have at City Museum for you to climb through!

April 2013
Nathan climbing the tree in our back yard (don't worry, there is no way I'd let him climb to the top!). He was so excited he could say he had climbed a tree...

May 2013
Nathan's first party with the boys at school. He wanted a slumber party so we did a 'mini' slumber party and had the boys at our house for his birthday from 6:30-8:30 p.m.!
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