Curly Crafty Mom: Strawberry Picking at Eckerts

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Strawberry Picking at Eckerts

Last Sunday, we decided to go to Eckerts for some strawberry picking. We go every year, but with the cool and rainy Spring weather... and with all of the end of the year activities, we almost didn't think we would make it there this year! I decided to cram in a trip on Sunday before Nathan's friend's birthday party and Autumns dance rehearsal. Hectic, yes, but totally worth it.

Every year, Nathan has to have his photo by this old red truck with the flat tire.

And, they're off! Here goes Autumn, dressed all cute (for now) with her empty crate in search for red and juicy strawberries.


Picking their berries. There was a little competition going on between them (of course) on who could find the biggest berries and who could fill up their crate the fattest. Sigh. Siblings!


Holding a strawberry by its tiny little stem

Autumn picked me this tiny little daisy. They both love to pick flowers for their Momma!


Holding their crates... aren't they getting full?!! (Yeah, and once they get TOO full, I land up holding them!)

And, when I am holding the crate... that is when Nathan thinks he can throw the strawberries in! Uhh, no, no! Let's not squish the strawberries!

Poor Nathan tripped and his berries went flying. Poor boy, I had to help him pick them up. He was so worried we'd miss one and leave it behind!


Autumn's precious little hands holding some berries. I remember last year these little hands were much smaller.


Not bad for group photos! I cherish these every year and always look back on them to see how much everyone has grown.



Its funny how time changes things... last year the kids sampled the strawberries without hesitation. This year they told me they wouldn't try them until we got them home and washed them! lol! I got Nathan to try ONE strawberry and I finally got Autumn to try one and then she had 20 more! She couldn't stop!

I LOVE this photo. Every year Autumn falls in the mud... every.single.year. This year, I thought... wow, its not going to happen, she's old enough to not slip easily or fall... or want to jump in a puddle. But, NOPES. I was wrong. She sat in a big mud puddle at the very end. Ahhh. My laundry stain pile never goes away, but this photo will always give me precious memories.

Wagon ride


After paying for our strawberries, we went and got ice cream and then let the kids play on this old tractor. I even put the one of Brian with them on Eckert's Instagram page to try to win a dinner for two! Wish us luck!
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