Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot #16: Friends that Hand Down are the BEST!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trendy Tot #16: Friends that Hand Down are the BEST!

trendy tot

I am excited to join in with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan for Trendy Tot #16, this is a fun party where we show off our stylish Tots!
I am linking up for another week of Trendy Tot and this week I am sorry to say I did not have Autumn do a little fashion show... instead, I am sharing with you a package that one of my good friend's from Colorado sent me. Janna and I met in the May 2006 Babycenter birth club message board and have kept in touch ever since. She has a seven year old daughter named Sam and my son Nathan is seven, too! She has been sending me her daughter's hand me downs since my daughter Autumn was born in 2008!

Janna is a nanny and she used to work for a lady that would also give her all of her daughters clothes (a lot with tags still on them!) to give to my daughter! So, I would get Sam's and her boss's daughter's clothes! Janna knows I lovelovelove Gymboree and of course, she does too... so, most of the outfits are Gymboree!

I must say, every time a box comes I am so excited to rip it open! Now, Autumn is excited to rip it open, too! She loves to look through her future new clothes. This time Janna sent us a box of Gymboree 5T clothes for Autumn to wear this Fall. I wanted to share the goodies she sent with all of you... friends that hand down clothes are the BEST!

Janna and I met IRL for the first time in August of 2010 while I was on vacation in Colorado. We met up on my birthday and ate at the aquarium restaurant. I am excited to say that she will be in town this weekend and that her home town is actually St. Louis. I am excited to see her and Sam again, should be fun! Here is a photo of Janna with her daughter Sam and my Nathan!! Look how much Nathan has grown since then.... time needs to stop going so fast!


Autumn wanted me to take a picture of her next to the box... and... IN it! Silly girl!

ALL the outfits that were in the box... I am not sure how she crammed it all in there. Lots of shirts, pants, jackets and dresses. ALL Gymbo!

Now I will show you some detail shots of some of my favorite items!!

I love this snowman shirt, who doesn't love snowmen?

Sequins are my friend and I just love them on these mittens.

Isn't this rainbow colored pom pom dress cute?

 She sent me two globe shirts, there is a real plastic cover over the globe. So cute!

I love how their hats have little strings on the top on this shirt.

I love all these pants she sent me! The rainbow striped ones have a matching jacket, too!

Thank you, Janna! Can't wait to meet up again!

Do you have any friends that consistently give you hand me downs? Isn't it fab?!!
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