Curly Crafty Mom: Trendy Tot Tuesday #18 - Blueberry and Hydrangea Love

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday #18 - Blueberry and Hydrangea Love

I am excited for another week of Trendy Tot with Mrs In Training, Lindsay and Megan. I was going to share with you the clothes Nathan will be wearing to Disney, however that will need to wait until next week as I am waiting for his pirate ship shirt to arrive in the mail and I have a little shopping to do still. I also plan to share their trendy luggage next week as well! This week, I had NOTHING planned so I dressed the kids up cute this morning and took some photos by our blueberry and hydrangea bushes. Here is Autumn smelling a bloom on our limelight hydrangea, it only blooms this color no matter what the soil is... most hydrangeas bloom pink or blue.

This bush is GIGANTIC, especially next to her! Its actually doing SO well in my yard that its trying to kill my beautiful yellow rose bush that is next to it. Grr. Autumn is such a little doll here! Nathan wanted no part of hydrangea bush pictures, he wanted to watch Batman instead! Hmph!

I wanted to show you the back of Autumn's lime and lemonade outfit, isn't it cute? And, I love when skirts have shorts built in underneath. Do you see her new shoes? Yes, the girl HAD to have these rainbow New Balance shoes! I have to admit, they are pretty darn cool.

We get FULL sun in the backyard, so sometimes its a little tricky to take photos without a total wash out. I really wanted to include a photo of Nathan, so I decided to turn the photo black and white and it looks much better. I TRIED to get a few shots of Nathan and Autumn together and wow, that did not work out well! Boo!

Nathan looking at the blueberries on the bush, we have a lot of green ones! Notice he is sporting some New Balance shoes, too! We also got him a pair of New Balance sandals/tennis shoes that are really nice... I need to get Autumn a pair of them.

I don't know how many times I have to tell the kids not to pick the green blueberries!

Autumn by the blueberry and tomato bushes... I think she's about done with photos! lol!

Nathan's Outfit:
Star Wars Lego Shirt: Old Navy
Green/Navy Plaid Shorts: Gymboree
Shoes: New Balance

Autumn's Outfit:
Lemonade/Lime Shirt: Gymboree (from my friend Janna that lives in CO)
Lemonade/Lime Skirt: Gymboree (from my friend Janna that lives in CO)
Shoes: New Balance 

trendy tot
That finishes another week of Trendy Tot! Thanks for visiting and don't forget to come back next week!
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