Curly Crafty Mom: YMCA Camp Trout Lodge in the Ozarks (Day 2)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

YMCA Camp Trout Lodge in the Ozarks (Day 2)

On our second day at Trout Lodge, I wanted to get a photo of the kids with their ON flag shirts on. Nathan's shirt is from 2010 and its a little small (no, really?), so I need to get him a new one by July 4th! I had these cute little headbands with flag colored pinwheels on them, but I forgot them in the room. 



We decided to take the kids for horse rides at the stable on site at Trout Lodge after breakfast. We didn't realize it would be a 30 minute walk from the lodge to the ranch, but it was! The kids did really good and it was such a fun and scenic walk... we saw a waterfall, creeks, etc. lots of opportunities for photos for us! Here is a photo of the kids on a bridge over a creek.

I love taking photos of funny signs.



Once we arrived at the ranch, there was a lot to see... we got to sit on several different sadles, looked at some different horses and the kids tried on their cowboy hats (that they got to take home, too!).




The kids loved riding the horses so much that we bought them a second ride. It was worth every penny. The horse Autumn rode the second time was named Charlie Brown and he had some flies on him and he shook a little to get them off while she was on him. She hadn't started her ride yet, but we saw her go "Whoaaa!" and she told us that story OVER and over again for days after. How Charlie Brown shook and she said she got a little nervous, that Charlie Brown should know better then to shake flies off when he has her on him! ha!! 

On the walk back from the ranch, we had Nathan take a photo of us by the waterfall. He didn't do so bad, did he?

I love this photo of Brian with the kids

And, I love this photo of the kids walking and chitchattering to each other. I love how Nathan's cowboy hat is hanging off his back.



On our walk back, there was a bridge held up by floating things(?) and Nathan saw some seashells. He collected them all in his hat and was so proud of them. That is one thing about Nathan, he loves to collect things.

We picked up our pottery on the way back, here is how it turned out.

I love Autumn's little curly que piggies.




We ate lunch and then headed back outside for MY favorite part of our trip. The pontoon root beer float! We got to sip root beer floats while riding on a pontoon around the lake. It was soooo relaxing after doing all of that walking from the ranch and back. The lady driving the boat is working at the YMCA for 3 months, they bring in people from different countries and it says which country they are from on their name tag. They get to learn our culture and practice speaking English. She told me she hadn't been to St. Louis yet, but on her next day off they were arranging to drive some of them to see their first ball game. She couldn't wait to experience the American tradition and see one of our ball games! I hope she loves Busch Stadium and the Caradinals!


After the boat ride, we wanted to get in some last things before we left for the day. The kids really wanted to ride the bikes they let you take out for free. Nathan FINALLY learned how to ride WITHOUT training wheels! In fact, he had us take his training wheels off his bike when he got home and he's been riding his bike around without them on all the last week!

Then we played an ENTIRE game of miniature golf, had ice cream, let the kids buy something at the souvinair shop AND let them play on the playground one last time... whew! Then we headed back to St. Louis around 2:30pm and got home by 4:00pm. I can't wait to go back! I can't believe last week this time we were getting ready to leave the next morning! So sad its over, but I have so many fond memories to look back on!
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