Curly Crafty Mom: {Guest Post} Aubrey Talks About Marathon Training

Monday, July 1, 2013

{Guest Post} Aubrey Talks About Marathon Training

Today I have a guest post from Aubrey at Dreaming About Someday, I got to know her last month during the 30x30 Challenge and she volunteered to do a guest post while I am in Disney this week. Aubrey loves to run, like I do... except, unlike me she skipped right over half marathon's and instead has ran SIX marathons. Yes, six. Today Aubrey is sharing why she runs these marathons and next week if you visit her blog you can hear the full story. Please take a moment to read her story, visit her blog and she always loves to see new followers! Aubrey has family in St. Louis and we are planning to meet up the next time she is in my city, might even do a little fashion shoot! :)

Most people who know me in real life know that I am a runner. there are probably a lot of people in blog land who have no idea. Carrie and I connected on a completely different topic (fashion) so I was really excited to find out she's a runner too. I haven't always been a runner, and I've been promising for years to tell my running story. Come on over to my blog next week where I'm keeping that promise.

I NEVER ever thought I would run a marathon ever. I haven't always been a runner. I don't look like a runner. I'm not fast, and if we're being honest, I don't always love it. BUT, 6 marathons later I am a runner, and you can be too if you really want to be.
Here I am waiting to start the New York City Marathon. One of the coolest things I have ever done.

I'm right in the middle of marathon training right now so running is definitely on my brain. Long runs basically control my Saturdays, and even though I still have over 2 months before my next marathon, I am already starting to panic (yes i still panic. every single time). In an attempt to ease my panic/motivate others to join the craze, I bring you my thoughts on being a runner...

When I said right in the middle, I wasn't kidding. Long runs really are LONG.

Distance is irrelevant... running is running.
Pace is irrelevant... the people finishing at the end get the same medal as the people finishing at the beginning.
Events are irrelevant... you don't have to run races to be a runner.
Goals, accomplishments, friendships, and memories are completely relevant.

Thanks Carrie for letting me take over your space today to talk about something we both love. Don't forget to come on over next week and hear the start of my running story including how I sometimes want to give up for good but probably never will.
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