Curly Crafty Mom: Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th of July!

Well, we are back in town from Disney... and having my family over for a little cook out today. It is so unlike me to plan the menu the MORNING of the party, like I did today... but, I think the patriotic punch with Brian's awesome BBQ skills along with some sides from me and my mom and a delicious patriotic dessert it'll be lots of fun. And, with weather in the low 80's, its going to be fun to set up everything outside for a change! Here was a quick photo I took of the kids... they are so cute dressed up in their red, white and blue (OH, and pink! lol!).

Happy 4th!
And, if you aren't on Instagram, here is what I am wearing today. My polka dot sleeveless jacket is from F21, ON navy tank, ON red shorts and lots of gold and navy jewelry.

Here is the spread of food... for some reason, my patriotic punch did not turn out :( I think its because I didn't get DIET Sprite, so the sugar content wasn't 0. Boo! It still tasted yummy, though. Brian did all the BBQ'ing, my Mom did the fruit and veggie plates and I did everything else.

All the yummy MEAT from off the grill.

I found these REALLY long straws at the grocery store, the kids loved them. Nathan is wearing Brian's shades.

Autumn with her extra long straw... it was a little TOO long for her, she had to bend it.

My plate. I am not sure what the difference between Bud Light and Bud Light Platinum is...


A quick and easy dessert I made from off of Pinterest. Berry Trifle. It was extra tasty with ice cream.

Have a good 4th! So proud to be an American today! :)
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