Curly Crafty Mom: Our Disney Vacation Day 2: Magic Kingdom

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Our Disney Vacation Day 2: Magic Kingdom


We got into the park early (and beat the long line to get in!) due to our Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Pirates League reservations. If you want to see my post that shows photos from BBB and Pirates League, click here. This is a photo before Nathan and Autumn got done up and Autumn has all of her 'princess babies' in the bottom of the stroller. She really fell in love with the princesses on this trip! So precious!

I am not sure if this is new, but I don't remember seeing it last November. Rapunzel's Tower!

One thing I *really* wanted to do was ride on the Dumbo ride with Nathan and ride on Its a Small World with Autumn. I got to do both and it brought back wonderful childhood memories. Here are photos of Nathan and Autumn with me (we went on twice) on the Dumbo! We lucked out and rode it early in the day and had the choice of walking right on, except the kids wanted to play in the Dumbo play (wait) area for a bit first. It was wonderful to not have to wait as I have heard this ride can get up to a 2 hour wait!

We then headed over to Cinderella's Castle for our lunch reservations. They included a free photo with Cinderella in our lunch package and they also let me take a photo of the kids with my own camera before we went up the stairs to lunch.

At lunch Nathan was given a sword and Autumn was given a magic wand, they had all the kids wave them around at one part during lunch. They even got to take them home!

I love to take photos of food, this is what I ordered for lunch. We had the Disney dining plan so I got an appetizer and dessert, too! This is some sort of shrimp salad with tomatoes, olives, cucumbers and pieces of bread. It was really good! You can see that Autumn is eating cheese pizza.

My beautiful Princess Autumn. As we ate, the princesses came out one by one and started going around to each table. Autumn was SO excited!!

Autumn was most excited about seeing Princess Aurora and she was thrilled that Autumn was dressed like her. Autumn's smile in this photo is priceless. Love it. :)

Princess Ariel. Even Nathan liked the princesses! (What boy wouldn't?! ;) hee!)


The sunlight pouring in from the window made this photo blurry, but Auttie was so excited to see Snow White again (she saw her the day before at Epcot). She told Snow White that she had signed her autograph book already, so she turned to the page she had signed and put a big red lipstick kiss on it! Autumn just LOVED that and when Snow White walked away, Autumn said... "She's my friend!" AWWW!


Auttie got to decorate her own ice cream at Cinderella's Round Table.
Dessert was fun, Autumn got to decorate her ice cream Mickey style! Nathan decorated a cupcake. Brian and I agreed this was our favorite meal of the trip.

At the end of dinner, all of the kids got a Magic Wish Star and got to make a special wish. She took it SO seriously and even got to keep the special star.

After lunch, we headed to get our Disney Dining plan snacks for the day... we would eat them later, but since we were so close to Main Street Confectionery, I wanted to stop in. I got a marshmallow covered Popsicle that looked like Mickey Mouse, Nathan got a gingerbread cookie, Autumn got a pink cupcake and I can't remember what Brian got. YUM!

Then, we headed to the Thunder Mountain roller coaster, so Nathan could ride it. Nathan LOVES roller coasters, he is a lot braver than I was at his age. He road it twice. You can see Brian's turquoise/blue shirt in the third cart from the left. They are sitting in the 2nd row from the back and you can barely see Nathan, because he is so short (but, tall enough to ride, of course!).


While the boys road their roller coaster, Autumn and I checked out the fairies! We only saw two (I was expecting more!)... she was super excited to see Tinkerbell, though... and, as she said, "Even a boy fairy!"


For dinner, we had reservations to the new Beast castle in Fantasyland. Ohhhh, what a beautiful castle! Our travel agent had to check EVERY day for quite some time to get us reservations at this restaurant, I have heard its booked up for 7 months straight.

A photo of the kids outside the castle by a Beast gargoyle. I changed Autumn out of her princess dress into something more comfortable for dinner.

There was 3 dining rooms to Be Our Guest, here is a photo of the main room.

Our napkins were shaped like a red rose

I ordered a lemonade with sherbert on top, it was DELICIOUS.

My main dish, it was delicious! I wish there was two more scallops and I didn't need the extra flakey bread thing on the right, when my shrimp was already inside a bread bowl. The kids meal options were a little disappointing, just a little too grown up for kids in my opinion. Which, as a result. The kids didn't eat too good. They did eat some bites, had a lot of rolls and enjoyed their desserts, though. I think Autumn had a chicken bread with a red sauce with weird cheese and noodles on top, Nathan got meatloaf which he just didn't seem to like... I wish they had cheese pizza, burgers or chicken nuggets as an option! My kids are so picky! This was also the only restaurant that offered alcoholic beverages in the Magic Kingdom, so Brian and I both ordered a glass of wine.

They had a huge case of cupcakes for dessert, I selected the lemon one. YUM!

After dinner, we went to see the rose. Beautiful!

And, of course... we went to see the beast after dinner. Autumn was terrified, so I landed up in the photo, too! The Beast has too big of hands, so they told us he did not do autographs. Boo.


We rode on some more rides and then it was time for the electric parade and fireworks. My Mom purchased a bunch of glow bracelets and necklaces for the kids that I pulled out right before the parade. The kids loved them, thanks Mom!

Kids watching the electric parade



Some photos from the parade. My favorite photo is of the dragon blowing smoke out and Cinderella's castle is lit up in the background.

Autumn fell asleep for the fireworks show, but Nathan got to enjoy it. They also did a neat projection show (not sure if it had a name) where they projected lights on the castle and it looked like a movie! They were able to morph the castle into looking like different things... it was so neat! I don't remember this show back in November, so it must be new. Out of all of our theme parks, I enjoyed this day the most in the Magic Kingdom! I will now take a break from blogging about Disney until next week when I will finish up with Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios. It is a lot of work to edit the photos for these Disney posts. I have also started on a Disney tips post.
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