Curly Crafty Mom: Our Disney Vacation Day 3: Animal Kingdom and Boma

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Our Disney Vacation Day 3: Animal Kingdom and Boma

Well, I am back to blogging about our Disney trip with two days left! Today I am going to share with you some photos from Animal Kingdom. This was my second time at Animal Kingdom and I just love how this park is smaller as its easier on the feet AND easier to cross most rides/shows of your list. I  also love that it is newer and all of the unique animals you see while visiting the park. I love this family photo of us!

Of course, I got a photo of Nathan and Autumn by the tree of life. I think that is a must at this park. ;)



The first ride we went on was the Kilimanjaro Safaris which is one of the MUST see rides at Animal Kingdom. You go on a safari ride and you get a very up close and personal view of all of the animals, when we went in November the giraffes were so close to the vehicle that you could have reached out and touched them. Such an amazing experience and such beautiful sights and views... here are just a few photos I took while on the ride.


We had lunch at a really neat little place called Restaurantosaurus and it was so neat that they served the kids meals in sand buckets with the fries on the bottom and the burger on top. There is also an arcade in the Restaurantosaurus, which may be a good or bad thing, depending on if you want to let your kids take time to play games (we let them do one game before venturing on).

Of course, the highlight of the ENTIRE day was when this little big boy rode on the Expedition Everest. I went on it with Brian last November and it is a pretty big roller coaster... it goes forward and then backwards, too! Quite a thrill ride and I can't believe Nathan rode it (only once!). Nathan told me he had to be as brave as his Mommy! Ohh, I hope he doesn't really feel that way! Of course, he had to have a stuffed animal of a Yeti afterwards.


Photo of me and the kids and Brian and Nathan... we had some light rain during parts of the days, so we had to get out the smelly $1.00 dollar spot ponchos again!


Sorry, a couple more Mount Everest photos minus the ponchos. Ha! Really, this is all the boy has talked about since the trip... that he rode on that baby ride of Mount Everest. It is SO not a baby ride, but you know how 7 year old's talk...

Autumn and I hung out and got a snack while the boys road the coaster. She got some Doritos and I got some fresh pineapple strips. Yum! I love this photo of her big brown eyes.

This was day 2 of Autumn's princess hair, I love all the little curls starting to 'pop' back out.

Then we left Animal Kingdom early and headed back to our hotel to have dinner at a really popular buffet place there. At Boma they serve flavors of over 50 African countries and American favorites, too. There are several soups and other foods to enjoy. I would say this was probably my favorite dinner of the entire vacation. I even tried the salmon (and I've always been too afraid to try salmon) and it was delicious!

Brian and I enjoyed the wine flights, it was really fun to sample a few wines.


After dinner, we went back to our rooms for a bet to relax and view the animals... then we went for a evening swim in the pool. I loved the pool at Animal Kingdom Lodge, they had a nice kiddie slide and even life jackets you could borrow for free for the kids.

Tomorrow I will go over our last day, which we spent at Hollywood Studios.
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